Thursday, March 29, 2012

naptime.....screw it

If you know my son at all, you know that he is not a very good napper.  There are many days where I try and try to get him down for a nap and we end up just saying "screw it" and move on with our day. 
Today Pearson put a totally new meaning to that......

I literally almost had a heart attack when I went into Pearson's room to check on him to find that he had a screw in his mouth.  

A screw y'all. A teeny tiny screw. In my son's mouth.
He had been crying for about 45 minutes then just stopped.  I am so glad I went to check on him. Who knows how long he had had it in his mouth?

Apparently he had busted into the back of his little sound machine bear (it velcros) and took out the sound machine. 
 One of the screws must have been loose from when we changed the batteries last.  
 Ahhhhh, so scary!! I'm so glad that he didn't get choked or try to swallow it.  


Ashley said...

So glad he didn't swallow it. His inner St. John genes were showing. Taking things apart : )