Monday, March 05, 2012

go, daddy, go!

Tonight Pearson and I went to cheer Daddy on as he played softball! 
One of our friends asked if he could be a substitute, so of course he said yes.  Matt loves an excuse to play any kind of ball. 
 We got to hang out with Michelle and Raider during the game.  Thankfully I dressed Pearson a little warmer than I did myself.  This Spring weather always confuses me.  I went for a jog in shorts and it felt great, but by 6:30 it was super windy and had really gotten pretty chilly.  I had to borrow one of Pearson's blankets to keep my legs warm since I wore shorts.  
 I don't think Pearson really noticed Matt playing, but he sure was content the whole game!
 They actually had a double header, but I had to get home to put Pearson to bed, so we missed the second game.  While I was home I got a text from Matt saying
"Get the peroxide and bandages ready....."
It actually looked a whole lot worse by the time he got home.  I have a feeling this won't be the first skinned up leg I take care of as a Mommy of a busy boy!!


Lindsay said...

ewww!!! I can feel the pain!

That first picture of P is adorable! Love that sweet smile!

Ryan said...

How funny - Micah played tonight too! Matt's not, by chance, playing at a field at Oates and Northwest Highway is he?

The Autry's said...

Evan plays double headers over there too! We have had several team injuries. Maybe I should put together a first aid kit....