Thursday, March 08, 2012

not so teeny tiny anymore

Yesterday I went to take dinner to a new Mommy in our ABF and meet their sweet little baby boy, Beckett.  He was absolutely precious.  He was so teeny tiny and made Pearson look huge.
I remember back in July when my friend Erin and her 9 month old came to visit.  I thought Kinsley looked huge compared to my little 4 week old.  I just couldn't even imagine Pearson being that big.

And now look at him.  He's not not so teeny tiny anymore.  He's growing up way to fast.  
His pulling up all the way onto his feet in his crib (that we need to lower all the way to the bottom now).  He's crawling all over the place so fast and getting into anything and everything he can.  I swear I'm going to blink my eyes and he's going to be in Kindergarten.  
 I'm looking forward to when Beckett is a little bit older so Jennie and I can have some playdates with our sweet little boys.