Friday, March 16, 2012

(not so) well check-up

I took Pearson to the doctor this morning for his 9 month well check-up.  
My poor little guy is....not so well.  
He was on an antibiotic for a sinus infections a few weeks ago, but last weekend when the weather went from 75 to 45 it was like it all just came back but worse.  And this round he has had a cough.  He woke up Sunday morning sounding horrible. He literally sounded like a barking seal.  I took him to the doctor on Monday and everything checked out fine. Of course he didn't cough at all while we were at the doctor.  Since then his cough seemed to get worse and he's just been a little cranky and napping really well (which is odd for him).  My sister in law gave me the idea to record his cough so I could let the doctor hear it at our well check up today. 

Listen to how bad his poor cough is. 
(I know it's kind of weird to post audio of Pearson's cough, but it's mainly for my record to remember this if it were to happen again in our family.)

So at the doctor today he was tested for RSV(which he doesn't have...Praise the Lord) and tested for Pertussis (whooping cough).  We won't know if he has that until Monday or Tuesday.  Until then she gave us a steroid for the swelling of his throat due to the croupy cough and an antibiotic to clear up the Pertusssis if he has it, his clogged tear duct that is oozing yellow and greenish/yellowish stuff, and his snotty stuff nose if it's bacterial.  If he doesn't have Pertussis then this is all viral and we'll just have to ride it out for another week or so.

Oh and on top of all of that......he has ringworm too.  Disgusting, huh?  I have no idea how he got it.  We don't have a cat and we haven't been around too many kids lately.  So who knows? Stupid germs.

Looks like we will be laying low the next few days so my little guy can get to feeling better.  Will you say a little prayer for him?

Stay tuned for Pearson 9 month post later today!!


The Fants said...

Poor Pearson! My goodness, it's like everything hit him all at once. Definitely praying for him and for you; I know how hard it is for momma, too. Hope all the medicine will make im feel better quickly.

Ashley said...

I hope he doesn't have whooping cough but when I heard him yesterday that's what it sounded like to me. Carson had that when he was younger. That antibiotic cleared it up quick. I can't believe he has ringworm. That is crazy! I hope he feels better soon.

The Fenner's said...

Oh that video breaks my heart. Dylans cough was much deeper than that, but has gone away it seems. I hope Pearson feels better soon!

The Fenner's said...
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Alisa said...

I don't like for my sweet baby boy to be sick! Hope the little guys is better.

Christine said...

When I hit play on the coughing video, Brian turned around and said, "Who has Pertussis?". Sure hope Pearson feels better soon; you sure have gotten hit with it all at once.

Oh, and just keep reminding yourself that the ringworm isn't actually a worm; it's just a little viral thing. Then it won't be so gross.

Darci said...

Oh poor guy!! Adelyn has had that SAME cough this winter. Sick babies are no fun!!

My prayer for Pearson: "Lord I pray that you give Pearson the strength to fight this bug. That his immune system is strong. Lord I pray for rapid healing – miraculous healing – make him better please. Thank you that we can call on you and you will hear our prayers. Thank you and AMEN."

Take care guys!!

Lindsay said...

poor little guy! that video breaks my heart!!