Friday, March 16, 2012

pearson {9 months}

Dear Sweet Pearson- 
I can not believe that you are 9 months old already.  It's crazy to think about how long 9 months of pregnancy seemed and how quickly these 9 months with you have flown by. 
You are a busy, busy, busy boy.  You never stop moving and you are officially into everything!!  You started crawling this month and I swear you have picked up speed every day.  The days where I could set you down and you would just play are long gone.  You like to be on the move and into something at all times.  You have found just about every plug in our house, every cord, every cabinet door, every trashcan, every remote & electronic, the dog bowl, and even the toilet. You somehow manage to find every little crumb, piece of trash or bug that is on the floor and put it in your mouth.  It wears me out keeping up with you!!
Not only did you start crawling this month, but you also starting pulling up to your feet.  You love to pull up on anything and everything, the coffee table, the couch, the chair, the cabinets, your crib, the TV stand, the wall, and me and your Daddy.  Speaking of pulling up on us, you love to use Mommy and Daddy and your personal little jungle gym.  If we sit on the ground you quickly crawl towards us to climb all over us.  
We lowered your crib to the lowest setting this month.  I was kind of sad when we did it, because it just makes you seem like your not an itty bitty baby anymore.  
You are still doing lots of babbling, but you still aren't associating any sounds with objects yet.  Last month you would wave and say "bah-bah", but you have decided you don't like doing that anymore. Ha!  I tell you to say ma-ma all the time and just recently you have started sticking your tongue out and making a noise.  It's pretty funny!!
I've been thinking that you are teeting again for about two months now because your sleep has been hit or miss lately. I still don't see any teeth yet, so who knows.  You'll sleep great one week then the next you will wake a time or two in the night.  Recently I think you haven't been sleeping good because you have been sick.  
Poor guy, you have been so sick this month.  You have literally had a snotty nose the entire month.  You had the croup last week that has developed into a pretty nasty cough this week.  We went to the doctor today to find out that you might have Pertussis (whooping cough) and you also have ringworm.  I'm so ready for you to be feeling better so we can get some regular sleep at night and start enjoying this beautiful Spring weather we have been having.  
You are still a pretty crummy napper, but atleast you are a consistent crummy napper!! You consistently take two 45 minute naps, so I guess I'll just be thankful for that.  Although this past week while you have been sick you have been taking 1-2 hour naps.  You even took a 2hr 20 minute nap the other day.  I seriously didn't know what to do with myself!
We changed up your eating schedule a little this month.  It was getting difficult to nurse you at 2 and 5 so we dropped one of your afternoon feeding and now I only nurse you 4 times a day.  I nurse you at 7:30, 11:30, 3:30, & 7:30.  I usually give you a little snack to tide you over in the late afternoon since I don't nurse you until bedtime.  You transitioned so well to this schedule and has been so nice to be on a less demanding schedule.  Most days we get out of the house after I nurse you around 11:30 and I don't feel rushed because we can stay out until 3:30.  But since you take a formula bottle so well now, I always have the option of giving you a bottle if I need to. 
You are still eating 3 meals a day around 8:30, 12:30, and 6.  The new foods you tried this month are cauliflower, grapes, plums, broccoli, and yogurt.  We haven't found any baby that you don't like.  I started giving some 3rd's babyfood with meat in it.  Ugh, that stuff stinks.  You seem to like the ones with chicken but you gagged when I gave you the turkey.  I've given you bits of biscuits, blueberry muffin, grapes, pineapple, bread, cinnamon roll, and turkey.  You really haven't seemed to love any of them.  You would much rather have babyfood.  You kind of turn your nose up to tablefood, but when I get the spoon and babyfood out you start to kick and squeel.  
You turn your head an look at me and Daddy when we say your name.  If you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing and we tell you "no", you just look at us, stare for a second, then give us the biggest smile.  Little stinker!!
You love to play, but this month it seems like all your favorite toys are not actually toys.  You love to play with the TV remotes, the phone, empty boxes or baskets, chew on socks, and your favorite thing is to chew on the metal part of Izzie's lease.  Gross, but sometimes it's a battle I'm not willing to fight because it gives me 5 minutes of you sitting still.  Ha!
You still do great when you have to stay in the nursery at church on Sundays, for MOPS, and Bible Study.  You love having little playmates.  The teachers always say you are such a hoot and all over the place.  One week the teachers told me you were being such a flirt and that you got your head stuck under the crib while you were exploring.  Ha!  You are a typical little baby when it comes to sharing.  You always want what another baby has.
It really is so hard to believe that you are already 9 months old.  We are just 3 months away from your 1st birthday.  Mommy better get to planning!!  This month has been so fun to watch you learn so many new things.  You are so curious and interested in everything.  I love seeing your little mind spinning as you see and learn new things.  I can't wait to see what's in store for you next month!  
Happy 9 months baby boy!!

Your Mommy

{9 month Stats}

Weight:    19 pounds 15.5 ounces
Length:  28 1/2  inches
Eating: nursing 4 times a day (around 7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, & 7:30pm) along with 3 meals a day (around 8:30, 12:30, & 6:00)
Bedtime: around 7:30pm
Awake: around 7:00am
Naps: usually 2 45 minutes to an hour naps around 9am and 1pm or sometimes 4pm
Diapers: size 3's
Clothes: some 6-12 month, 12 month and 12-18 month
Favorites: exploring, getting attention, playing, bathtime, swinging
Latest Tricks: crawling, clapping, babbling lots of sounds, pulling up to stand, 

Look how you've changed.


Alisa said...

It is hard to believe that his first birthday is so close now. Little P has so much personality. Love looking at these pictures over and over again!

Darci said...

I could not agree w/your opening line anymore!! I've thought the same thing w/adelyn's 9mo coming up!

He doesn't look hardly big enough to wear 12-18...must be something that runs small?

Happy 9 months Pearson!