Wednesday, March 07, 2012

project life {week 9}

2 months down only 10 more to go!! I'm so proud of myself for staying on top of things and finishing my layouts each week. 
Highlights: Pearson playing, Grammy & Grandaddy visiting, buying a new TV, & a sweet compliment from P's nursery teacher
Highlights: Getting stuck in the crib, Marbleworks with Carson, learning to crawl, looking good in hand-me-downs, taking an antibiotic for the first time, & swinging in pretty "spring" weather
Cost this week....$0.92 for prints @ Target

The Mom Creative


Ryan said...

These look so great! I'm definitely excited to take this project on when we start having kids (or maybe even when I first get pregnant - might be a fun way to document the pregnancy!). It seems like it's a much more simple, doable way to scrapbook. :)

camilla said...

Enjoyed looking at your pages. Your little one's legs getting stuck in the crib was pretty cute (only assuming it was easy to get unstuck, otherwise it's quite panicky).