Friday, June 21, 2013

carnival fail

My parent's church just finished the same VBS theme that we did at our church last week, Colossal Coaster World.  The cool thing about their church is that they had an actual Carnival come to the church as a finale to VBS week.  
Growing up we never really went to Carnivals.  My parents didn't like to waste their money on the rides, games and food and I have a weak stomach so most of the rides don't even sound fun to me.  I kind of feel the same way now as my parents did then. They really are such a waste of money.  My parents had 20 free tickets though, so we had to come check it out!!

 The theme to VBS this year was "Facing Fear! Trusting God!".  The theme verse was "For God has not given us a spirt of fearfulness, but one of power love and sound judgement." 2 Timothy 1:7
Apparently, Pearson didn't learn to face his fears at VBS because he was terrified of all of the rides!! 
Major Carnival Fail!!!
Before it was our turn on the carousel, Pearson was naming all of the animals. 
Elephant, Chicken, Giraffe, Dog, Monkey, etc.
But when it came time to get on it, he was a mess!!
He was much happier to just be a looker.  
Mom and I were positive that he would love to ride these little cars.  They went round and round and even had their own steering wheel and horn.  This kid loves cars and trucks so we knew he would love doing this.  NOPE......started  screaming bloody murder when we tried to put him in a car.  He was happy as can be just looking at the cars and watching the kids in them.

We also tried to ride a little helicopter, but as you can see he hated it too!!  
Thankfully since he never made it on the rides we got our tickets back each time. 
 We couldn't come to the Carnival without riding a single ride (especially since we had 20 tickets to use), so Matt and Pearson went down the Fun Slide.  We figured that once you started this ride, you had to finish it, so we made him do it! Ha! We are awesome parents, huh?
 He seemed a little unsure of it up top.  Close to the end he kind of looked like he liked it.
 But at the end he gave us a big smile.  I'm pretty sure he liked it!!  
 After getting out of the stroller for the slide, there was no going back.  He wanted to walk with Daddy!
 Who needs rides when you can just push around your stroller.  That was enough fun for this little two year old!
 Since we only spent a few of our tickets on the slide, we decided to check out the fun house.  I had never done one, can you believe it??
 This picture of my Dad and Matt cracks me up.  
 Pearson hung out with Lolly while we did the fun house.  We tried to get him to look up at us but I think he was staring at the door we went in to, waiting for us to come out. 
 Check out my Dad going down the slide! It was actually a really fast slide!!
 He was so happy to see us all when we got out.  Wish he would have been this happy on all the rides we took him on.  Oh toddlers, you just never know how they are going to react to things. 
 Even though we didn't do much at the Carnival and all the rides for Pearson were a total fail, we still had a great night out with my parents and our little family! 
Mom and Dad took Carson the night before and he had a blast, so we'll have to try out a Carnival again when he gets a little older.   However, since he wasn't really a fan this year and I've never really a been a fan, maybe we'll just stay away and save our money!!


The Fenner's said...

Awe, poor guy! Carnivals are totally a rip off! We went to the kids area at taste Addison a d probably spent $60 in like 30 min! Sadly for us, BOTH boys seem to live rides:/