Saturday, June 15, 2013

early birthday present

My parents got Pearson a sandbox for his birthday so they came over yesterday to set it all up so the kids could play with it at his party today! He was so patient while Matt and my Dad got it all set up. 
Carson and Olivia were with Lolly & Pops so they had a ball playing with all together.  
Boys hard at work!!
The box said 3+ but I told Mom it would be fine for him even though he is just 2.  As soon as he started playing with it I realized why it is for 3+ kiddos.  He didn't quite get the concept that the sand needed to stay inside the sandbox.  But clearly he still knew how to have a good time!!
He kept cracking himself up because he would pour the sand on Carson.  
Then he thought it was hilarious to pour the sand on his head.  Oh my.......all boy!!
 I may hate having to give this little guy a bath after every time we used the sandbox but this smile will make it totally worth it!!
 Thanks Lolly & Pops for the super fun {and messy} sandbox!!


Lolly said...

If it stays as hot as it was today, you can just hose him down outside until it is really bath time at night.