Tuesday, June 11, 2013

why jumbo pack diapers are cheaper

I don't have much time for couponing these days.  I rarely even take coupons into the grocery store anymore.  I've found the only couponing I do is at CVS because I love their ExtraBuck program.  I can almost always score pretty sweet deals on diapers there too!!

Most people think it's cheapest to buy the big boxes of diapers, but that's not true.  CVS almost always has ExtraBuck deals going on on different brands of jumbo pack diapers. We aren't picky on brands of diapers so I just get any brand when the price is right.  
My total for all of these items started around $60, but after sales, ExtraBucks I already had, Manufacturer coupons, and coupons that printed out of the CVS Machine, I only paid $9.89.  

This makes these diapers about 13 cents a piece.  Even if you get good deal on Amazon for diapers, the best price you could get would be about 25 cents a diaper.  I bought boxes of diapers when Pearson was little because Amazon had better deals, but I honestly can not remember the last time I bought a box of diapers.  I always buy jumbo packs because I always get the best prices on them.  

**Also, I should add that I don't get the newspaper anymore.  I print all my diaper coupons online through Hip2Save or MyDallasMommy.

Plus I got $15 in ExtraBucks back!!  Basically I got paid to buy all of this stuff!!
I guess I haven't lost my couponing touch!!


Dana Bowen said...

I've scaled way back on couponing too. I only do target deals because that's where I shop. I also don't buy papers. FYI I do get the Dallas News Briefing which is a twice a week free paper. It comes Wed. And Sat. The Wed. One has the adds and the Sat. Has all the coupons that the normal Sunday paper has. It's awesome and free!!

Also, we use Luvs and I can get them on amazon thru amazon mom and subscribe and save for 13-15 cents a diaper, again just FYI. :)

Rachel Zimm said...

thanks for the tips with CVS and hip2 save (hadn't been to that site yet)!! I have taken advantage of their buy-one-get-one free vitamins for a couple years. and I try to wait to shop there until I get a 20 or 25% off coupon. I need to do some more research to get things like free dipes like you did though!! :)

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