Sunday, June 16, 2013

celebrating my boys

Today I'm celebrating both of my boys.  This year Pearson had to share his birthday with all the Father's out there!!

Good Morning my sweet little TWO year old!!
 While I was getting ready for church Pearson got to lay in bed and watch Mickey Mouse with Daddy! 
 He loves MeMo so much, so he was a happy boy!!
 We gave Pearson all of his presents at his party yesterday so only Daddy got a present this morning.  
He loved his book, hat, and golf card.
 After church we met my family for pizza (Pearson's favorite food) for a birthday/Father's lunch. 
 Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!!
The rest of our afternoon was pretty uneventful.  We just hung out at the house, napped, watched the U.S. Open, played with all of Pearson's new toys and picked up dinner at Chipotle.

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy!
And Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!!

**Stay Tuned tomorrow for pictures of Pearson's Birthday Party!!