Saturday, June 15, 2013

summer library kickoff

Last year Ashley and I took the kiddos to the Summer Library Kick-Off.  We had no idea how big of a deal it would be so it took us forever to find a parking spot and the lines were too long to even wait in them.  We learned out lesson last year, and this year we got there super early.  We rode together so we wouldn't have to find two parking spots and we stopped at the donut store for breakfast and ate in the parking lot.  We got out of the car about 10 minutes before it all started and headed straight to the petting zoo line. 
{Trying to get these three to cooperate for a picture at the same time is dang near impossible!}
Atleast  I was able to get a cute smile out of my little guy!
We were second in line so as soon as it open, we walked right in!!

Pearson has been to quite a few petting zoos, so he is very comfortable with the animals.  He is not afraid of them at all.
At this petting zoo, you could only pet the animals.  No picking up was allowed. My little guy didn't quite get that rule.
Check out this goose's hair-do!
After the petting zoo, we waited in a super short line for Carson to ride an inflatable slide.  Twice.  
Next up was a refreshing treat to beat the heat.  Sno-Cones!!  There was barely a line when we got ours and by the time we were done eating ours it as out the door!
On our way out we stopped to see the fire truck.  Pearson was so excited as we were walking up to it, but as soon as I got him out of his stroller and set him on the front he started screaming! He wanted nothing to do with it.  He finally warmed up to it a little bit, but he still wouldn't take a picture with it.  
At one point, he grabbed the fireman's arm and pulled him over to look inside!!
 Olivia wasn't a fan of the fire truck either.  Pearson was screaming just like this!!
 Carson was the only one that liked the firetruck and would pose for a picture. 
And wouldn't you know, when we were walking back to the car he starting crying, saying "Pire Truck, Pire Truck, Pire, Truck."  Oh toddlers, they keep us on our toes. 
We were in and out of the little Kick-Off in about 45 minutes.  We definitely did it right this year.  It was so worth it getting their early and doing everything we wanted before it got too hot and the lines got too long.  We will definitely do it like this again next year.  


The Fenner's said...

I saw this on the website! I knew it would be crowded since it said over flow parking would be at the high school! So I decided not to go! Dylan would have loved the fire truck though! Try are like his favorite things! Graham's too actually!

Lolly said...

I'm so surprised Pearson cried about the firetrucks. That is about how Carson was when we took him to Larry's fire station in Garland when he was about 3. We were so surprised at his reaction. Larry said a lot of kids act like that. They want to do it, but it is very scary when they actually get there. Maybe it is about the right age to take Carson back. We'll have to remember to take Pearson around 5. Larry will be retired, but I bet we could still go to his station. We know Chad Muer there too.

Julie said...

Was this the Wylie library?? I'll have to remember this next year :)