Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 on 10 {april 2014}

This morning my Mom came over to love on the boys.  We usually see her a couple times a week but with us being sick last week and then she was out of town, we hadn't seen her in over a week.  She was dying to see the boys, so she came over this morning before she headed out of town again with my Dad. 
We got to school early and I had a fussy baby in the backseat so I totally nursed Nash in the carpool line.  
I'm FINALLY back to working out!  I took off the 6 weeks the doctor made me take off, then I was just lazy the 7th week and then I got the stomach bug the 8th week.  It's time to get my booty in gear and lose these last 10 pounds and get back into my clothes!!
 Ashley kept Nash for me this afternoon while I went to a school thing for Pearson.  
Pearson's school had a Mommy & Me Day along with a big Easter Egg Hunt. 
 Pearson begged to eat all of his candy all afternoon.  
For dinner tonight, I made my friend's recipe for homemade Stromboli.  So good!!
 Nash's cradle cap has gotten a little worse so I got the baby oil and comb out to work on getting rid of it.
 I did some major closet cleaning out this evening.  Most of my maternity clothes are all packed up and I've moved on to my in between clothes.  Digging through all my summer/spring clothes that don't fit yet really gave me the motivation I needed to get my booty in gear to lose weight.  I'm sooooooo ready to be in my old clothes. 
And while I was cleaning out my closet, this little guy kept dragging clothes, hangers and shoes out.


Ashley St. John said...

Love that last pic of P. So cute!

The Fenner's said...

Are you working out at the Rec center again? I'm about to be at the 6 week mark and have GOT to start doing something!!

I love how nicely your bed is made! If mine gets made it's very sloppy:/

Rachel said...

Nash is getting so big and so cute!!
We are dealing with cradle cap now too :(
I'm starting to work on weight loss now too. I see photos of myself a year ago, pre-baby, and I can't wait to get back to that :)

Lolly said...

Your stromboli looks delicious! I've missed you not blogging! I love P wearing those boots (and of course on the wrong feet!)