Thursday, April 17, 2014

mommy & me

Last week, Pearson's school had a Mommy & Me Day.  It was Easter themed with all sorts of activities for us to do together.
I had Ashley keep Nash so I could enjoy my time with Pearson.
The way they did the egg hunt was genius.  Each child brought a dozen filled eggs to school in an egg carton.  They put all of the eggs out in the field and then each child filled up their egg carton.  It was so much easier explaining to Pearson that when his egg carton was full, the egg hunt was over!  Plus, every kid came home with the same amount of eggs!!  He was so proud of all of his different kinds of eggs. 
His favorite activity (other than the egg hunt) was "Sweeping & Mopping like Mommy".  I need to let him do this at home because we could have stayed their the entire time and he would have been happy.  
We went inside for a few activities including checking out these little baby chicks.  We also made a butterfly, a necklace, ate a snack and made a card for a soldier, but he wouldn't cooperate for any pictures!!
Before we left, we had to mop one more time!  
What a fun afternoon with my big boy! I just love his little preschool and I am so happy that he loves going each Tuesday and Thursday!!


Kristin said...

We did the carton thing for our kindergarten class egg hunt, but we numbered the eggs 1-12 and they had to find one of each number. For those friends that might need a little help, we also numbered the inside of their cartons.