Monday, April 21, 2014

there's more to Easter than the eggs

On Saturday, we went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

While I'm pretty sure Pearson had a great time, I think this will be our last year to attend the festivities.  
Both last year and this year, it was filled with angry parents.  Parents complaining about not being able to help their kids hunt eggs since it was no parents allowed, parents complaining about it not starting on time, and parents complaining about their kids not getting any eggs.  Really… an egg hunt really all that big of a deal???   Do our kids really NEED all that candy?  Who cares if they leave empty handed if they had fun!!  Plus, our child had no patience and didn't understand that we had to wait until the buzzer went off to hunt eggs.  
I'm incredibly thankful that Easter is about so much more than Easter eggs.  It's about celebrating that Jesus conquered death and is risen!! 
I pray that we can teach Pearson and Nash the real meaning of Easter and show them why we really celebrate it!


Christine said...

Amen to the not needing all that candy! Honestly we've already thrown away some of what the girls got and we didn't even do an egg hunt with them (outside of what they got at school). Hello parents! The Egg hunt is more about the experience and the memories than about the eggs and their contents!

Alisa said...

So proud that you and Matt have your priorities right and are teaching them to my sweet grandsons.