Friday, April 25, 2014

easter 2014

Easter morning after we were all ready for church I let the boys dig into their Easter Baskets.  I'm all about being practical and getting them things they need rather than a bunch of junk for the $$ section at Target or candy.  

Nash's basket included: a SwaddleMe blanket, rice cereal, packs, a few rattle toys, a swimsuit & rash guard, and 2 paci clips.  
Pearson's basket included: A devotional, new brown sandals, two new "big boy" water bottles, and a new outfit for school.
Pearson was soooooooo excited about digging into his Easter basket.
Nash was just chill in'.  He didn't know what to think!
After Pearson looked at each thing from his basket he started pulling out Nash's stuff.  It was so cute because he would show him each item by putting it right in front of his face.  
At the end opening everything, poor Nash had a big pile of stuff all on his lap.  
Oh, how I love these boys!!
Before we headed to church we took a few pictures.  I didn't bother taking a family picture because I knew we would get one later at church and at my parents house.
Our church had 11 stations set up around the church where we could get a free family photo.  I'm thankful our church does neat things like this.  
After church we headed to my parents house for lunch with the whole family.  While we were waiting for all the food to be ready, Pearson enjoyed playing with my cousin, Mikel. 
Lunch was absolutely fabulous.  We had a feast of roast, ham, German potato salad, broccoli rice casserole, baked beans, salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, and even more things that I can't even think of!  For dessert we had strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, and most importantly Easter themed Jello Jigglers. 
Sweet Nash got lots of loving' from everybody there.  He got to meet two of my aunts and uncles for the first time!!
Once lunch was all cleaned up, these two cuties were ready for the egg hunt.  
After a school egg hunt, the DMB egg hunt, our neighborhood egg hunt and multiple egg hunts in our living room, Pearson knew exactly what to do!!
He loved shaking them to see what was inside because some of them have coins in them!!
Lolly had a specific kind of egg that each kid had to find.  Carson had the baseball eggs, Olivia had the polka dot eggs and Pearson had the shiny eggs.  
There were also plain eggs that all the kids could find.  Pearson found quite a few!!  He had so much fun!!
Maybe next year Nash will be toddling around and hunting Easter eggs with us, but this year he enjoyed some snuggles from Oma!
After the kids found all the eggs Lolly and Pops had a little Easter bag for all of the kiddos.  Both boys got a swimsuit for this summer and Pearson got a few other little goodies!!
We enjoyed our afternoon with our family.
We enjoyed our afternoon so much that we stayed until almost 4pm, which is way past Pearson's nap time.  Since Pearson had a few new things to play with from his Easter basket, we opted for no nap and a 6:45 bedtime.  Pearson crashed!!