Tuesday, April 22, 2014

golden grip

A few weeks ago we went to a new little gymnastics place called Golden Grip.  They have an open gym time for kids 5 and under for $8. ($5 if you get a Moms group together)  I was soooooooo worth the $5.  The entire gym is padded so the kids just bounced and ran and climbed all around.  My girlfriends and I just found a spot in the middle of the gym and laid the babies on their blankets.  The babies slept, the kids played and the mommies chatted………what a perfect morning!!
We loved it so much that we are heading back there again tomorrow!!


The Fenner's said...

Where is this? Looks right up the boys alley!!!:)

Alisa said...

Wow this looks like a fun place. Pearson definitely looked like he was enjoying himself. And Nash looked so cute laying there next to his little friend! Miss seeing my boys!