Monday, May 26, 2014

z is for zoo

The weather has been so nice lately that we decided to take a family trip to the zoo this weekend.  We thought we might be a little crazy going on a Saturday on a holiday weekend, but it really wasn't all that crowded.

We got there the second they opened and got to see quite a bit in the first hour that we were there before more people started coming.  If you go to the zoo this summer, I highly recommend buying your tickets online and printing them at home.  We walked right in and bypassed a long line of people buying tickets. 
We immediately went to visit "Africa".  The elephants and giraffes are my favorite animals.  
They definitely didn't disappoint.  An elephant and giraffe even gave us a little show!!
A trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without an elephant ride.  
Pearson really wanted me to get on the big one with him.  He finally settled for me getting on the small elephant with him. 
As soon as we passed the monorail station Pearson started asking to ride the "train".  We hadn't planned on riding the monorail, but since it was only $3 for both Matt and Pearson to ride it, we went and let him go.  It was time for me to feed Nash anyways, so I found a shady spot to feed Nash and the boys went on the monorail.  Pearson enjoyed the special time with Daddy!
I absolutely loved watching my boys look at all the animals.  It was so precious hearing Pearson say "Look at this animal, Daddy" over and over and over!!
 You won't believe me, but Nash stayed awake pretty much the entire time.  He took a few little cat naps, but he enjoyed watching Pearson.  It was so precious to see him look up at his big brother and give him the biggest smiles!!
 Around 11:30, we found a nice table in the shade to have a little picnic.  
 We saw the majority of the zoo before lunch, so after we ate we looked the reptile building then walked around the children's zoo.
It started to get hot around 1:30, so we took that as our cue to head home for naps.  We had the perfect family day at the zoo!! Pearson was well behaved and told us when he needed to potty, Nash was just as chill as ever, and the weather was perfect.   I couldn't have asked for a better day with my family!!

meal planning monday

Monday: Honey Garlic Pork Chops, Roasted Red Potatoes, & Green Beans

Tuesday: Sour Cream & Cheese Enchiladas, Cilantro Lime Rice & Black Beans

Wednesday: Boys: Quesadillas Me: Dinner w/ MOPS gals

Thursday: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Saturday Breakfast: Banana Waffles 

Saturday Lunch: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Basil Soup

Saturday Dinner: Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta & Garlic Knots

Sunday Lunch: Out

Sunday Dinner: Swedish Meatballs, Rice, & Veggies

Friday, May 23, 2014

kicking off our long weekend

Last weekend we got our back patio all cleaned up.  We were really getting ready for Pearson's party in a few weeks, but since the Ranger won 9-2 yesterday (which means half price pizza) we decided to invite some friends over for some backyard fun.  On the menu was……Papa John's Pizza, Caprese Salad, Watermelon, & Rootbeer Floats.  If that doesn't scream Summertime, I don't know what does!!
 We busted out the kiddie pool for the first time and the boys loved it.  There were both shivering and smiling all at the same time.  I don't get how kids can play in freezing cold water.  That definitely doesn't sound fun to me! 
 Clearly it didn't bother this little guy one bit!!
 We also filled up the water table for the first time tonight too.  
It was a big hit for the boys as well. 
 I'm so glad we have great friends that live in the neighborhood.  It's so fun that we all have little stair step boys.  Luke will be 4 in July, Pearson will be 3 in June, and Landry will be 2 in July.
I just love how chill this little guy is.  He hung out with us for a little bit while we ate dinner, but he was ready for his little pre-bedtime cat nap so I laid him down inside while we all played outside.  
 It's funny how we have so many outdoor toys that don't get used when we are by ourselves, but when we have friends over it's like he's never seen them before.  The car and wagon haven't been played in for months, but today they were a total hit!! 
 Goodness gracious…...aren't these boys cute?  Next year we'll have to try to fit in a cute little 1 year old boy!!
We sure did enjoy kicking off our long weekend with a fun night out in the backyard.  

We are off to bed because we are headed to the zoo in the morning!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

summa summa summatime

School is officially out so it's time for playdates at the pool!!!
 I loaded up the boys today and took them to the pool for the first time this summer.  It's definitely a lot more work and requires way more stuff to get us all to the pool this year, but we had a great time.  
 We met Ashley and my little diva niece, Olivia at the pool.  We love having them as our pool buddies.  
 We also met up with some new friends.
 Nash sat in the little kiddie pool with me for a little bit, but he's not a big fan of the sun.  He can't seem to keep his eyes open if the sun is out so he just fell asleep.  He slept the entire time we were there!!  He woke up just as we were starting to pack up.
 All morning Pearson was calling his swim suit his "Swim Soup" and his goggles his "gobbles".  I just love the way he says things.  I don't want to correct him because it's just so cute.  
 The weather was perfect and the pool wasn't crowded at all.  I'm going to be so sad when real school is out and it starts to get crowded and hot.  We love having the pool to ourselves!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday {week 20}

{Day 134}
Sometimes ya just gotta go to bed before 10pm.  They days are long but the years are short.  I wouldn't trade these days for anything. 
 {Day 135}
I made some spinach lasagna roll ups and turned them into homemade lean cuisines!!
{Day 136}
When Daddy gets home he turns into a human jungle gym.  I just love watching him love on the boys.  They are both over the moon about him.  
{Day 137}
We went to see our nephew play 7 on 7 football.  Pearson loved watching the boys play and Nash loved getting some snuggles from Aunt Jenn.
 {Day 138}
Love this man and the fact that we had a super productive weekend!
 {Day 139}
Looks like I need to buy Pearson a smaller swimsuit!!
 {Day 140}
I finally got a much needed pedicure with my Mom!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pearson's last day of 2K preschool

Today was Pearson's last day of 2K Preschool.  I can't believe how fast this school year went.  
This silly boy has grown up so much this year.  He became a big brother and was potty trained this school year.  I really do feel like he started school as a little toddler and now is truly a big boy!!
We absolutely loved his school and we are so glad that we will be returning again in the fall!!
 We are so proud of all that he learned and all that he accomplished this year.  We can't wait to see him learn and grow even more next year in 3K preschool.  
 Before we left for school Pearson insisted on an outfit change.  He wanted to match his lil bro and wear his big bro shirt.  So sweet!! 
We ended the school year with a fun little Beach Party. These kids pretty much ate all day.  Their teachers provided pizza and cookies for lunch, then they had popsicles outside as part of their Summer Fun Day, then we had cupcakes, pretzels, fruit, & juice boxes at their party.  Needless to say, they were nice and sugared up!!
 All the kiddos got to dress up like their were off to the beach.  Too funny!!
 Pearson and his little buddy Logan!! 
 We love Mrs. Elayne and Mrs. Teresa.  They were amazing and I am so thankful for all that they did for our sweet boy.  
And we can't forget little Nash Man.  He had his own little fan club during the party.  All Pearson's friends LOVED him.  It was so cute to hear Pearson say "That's my baby!"
And the post definitely wouldn't be complete without a comparison picture.  Look how much he has grown!! He looks like such a big boy!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

meal planning monday

Monday: Chicken Fajitas with Peppers & Onions, Black Beans, & Salad with Avocado Buttermilk Dressing

Tuesday: Golden Mushroom Pork Chops, Red Potatoes, & Carrots

Wednesday: Boys: Steak Fingers, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, & Salad Me: Meeting

Thursday: Chicken Poppyseed Casserole, Candied Carrots, Cranberry Salad

Saturday Breakfast: Lemon Apricot Scones

Saturday Lunch: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Saturday Dinner: Grilled Cheese, Tomato Basil Soup, & Fruit

Sunday Lunch: Oma's 85th Birthday

Sunday Dinner: Swedish Meatballs, Brown Rice, Sauteed Green Beans & Salad