Wednesday, July 29, 2009

before & after before the before & after

A while back I mention here, that I was teaching summer school and that my husband said we could get granite with the extra money. If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you have probably read that we are finally getting our granite countertops!! Yay!!

Before we get our new granite countertops put in, I thought I would show you what our kitchen looked like before we moved in and after we did a little bit of work. After we get our granite countertops put in, I'll show you the new before & after pictures!!!



Since we've moved in, we've torn down the border, painted the walls a brighter red, added hardware to the cabinets and drawers, changed all the gold door knobs to brushed nickel, and bought a new stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher. Hopefully in the near future we'll get a new stainless steel oven and microwave to have all matching appliances. But for now, we are doing granite countertops, so our matching appliances can wait!! Oh, and my parents gave Matt and I recessed lighting for our birthdays! You can't see it in the picture, but that is something else that we did. You know you are old when you get lights for your birthday!! Hah!

Check back next Wednesday to see the new before and after pictures of our kitchen!!


HLB said...

So! You asked on Twitter how I found your blog. Either from blog surfing (clicking on a blog I read and following around.) or from Fab K's blog comments. :) Hope you don't mind! And congrats on the granite. I'm jealous! :)

A Wedding Story said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment. I have to say that I love your blog design. Like really, really love it!!!

christie and kyle said...

i love it! you are going to have to teach me all your mad-decorating skills! i can't wait to be neighbors...two more weeks!! :-)