Tuesday, July 14, 2009

our family trip to lake greeson

My whole family packed up our stuff for the weekend and headed to the teeny tiny city of Daisy, Arkansas.
The only thing to do in Daisy, Arkansas is to spend time on Lake Greeson. My Dad brought his boat and we spend a long weekend on Lake Greeson.

Here are the top ten highlights of our trip.
{in no particular order}

**The last 5 will get their own post, so be sure to click on the link to get to whole story.

10. Watching Carson drive the boat.
He was only happy if he was sitting in the driver's lap.

9. Chilling in the hot tub after wakeboarding each day.
We got so sore from wakeboarding, so this felt so good on our muscles.

8. Kicking the guy's butts in Rummy
They said that I cheated, but I know in my heart that I didn't. They were just jealous at how good I was.

7. Having to tow the boat on the last day because it wouldn't start.
Luckily this happened on the last day, so we didn't really miss any time on the lake.

6. Taking TONS pictures with my new DSLR camera and lots of videos with Mom's video camera.
I took 345 pictures, to be exact. As soon as I get the videos loaded onto my computer I will work on editing a video of some really great crashes we had on the lake!! I'll be sure to post it!!

5. Watching the guys jump off a cliff.
You can go here to see the pictures of all of the guys take a leap of faith.

4. Spending time with my whole family.
You can go here to see lots of pictures of our family from the trip.

3. Wakeboarding
This is what we went to Arkansas for. The water on Lake Greeson is amazing because there are mountains surrounding the lake. It is so beautiful!! You can go here to see the good and the bad side of wakeboarding.

2. Pulling up a surprise with our anchor.
We anchored the boat down to swim for a while, and when we tried to pull it up we pulled up a surprise. You can read all about it here.

1. Having a drunk stranger spend the night in our cabin.
I'm not even going to try to give a short explanation to this story. You'll have to go here to read all about our uninvited visitor.