Tuesday, July 14, 2009

why you should lock your door at night

**WARNING: This story is very long and wordy, but it is defintely worth your time to read. It was a scary but very funny experience that we had in Arkansas.

We decided Saturday night that we were going to get up early and go on the lake before we had to check out on Sunday at 11am. I woke up first on Sunday, so I went in my parents bedroom to wake them up. When I got in their bedroom my Mom asked me if I heard all of the drama last night. I had no idea what she was talking about. Here's what she was talking about....

Drew and Jordan were sleeping in the living room on the couch and the chair. All night they both kept waking up and hearing the other one snoring. Finally they both were up, but they could still hear someone snoring. Drew had thought it was Jordan the whole time and Jordan had thought it was Drew the whole time. They immediately thought that either Matt and Ryan had been kicked out of their bedrooms, so Drew got his cell phone out to shine a light on his face to see who it was.

It was somebody they didn't know. His feet were all bloody and he had cuts all over his legs. Drew tried to wake him up, but he was clearly very drunk and would not wake up. Drew even starting pulling at his armpit hairs, but he would not wake-up. When they finally got him awake, he would not go out the front door. They convinced him to go out on the balcony. They watched him try to open the locked sliding glass door for a while, and that is when they realized that he was completely wasted. They opened the door for him and Drew and Jordan were trying to get him to go down the back stairs and go away, but he would not go. He started to try to fight them. He leaned over the balcony and started to fall asleep again so Drew starting kicking him to tell him to wake up and leave. He would not leave so finally, Drew went into my parents bedroom and told my Dad that he had to get out here because some drunk guy was on our patio and wouldn't leave.

While Drew was inside talking to my Dad, the drunk guy started calling Jordan, T.J. He kept saying, "T.J, I thought you were on my side." Jordan kept telling him that he wasn't T.J. and that he needed to get out of here. He finally told Jordan, "Man, T.J., I thought you wanted me here." Since the drunk guy obviously thought that Jordan was T.J, Jordan decided to pretend to be T.J. too. Jordan told him "Man I do want you here, but over here (as he led him to the front door). He finally got him out the door at 5am.

He started walking aimlessing around the cabins and cars outside. He had no idea where he was going. Drew saw a lady walking around and yelled at her "Are you looking for some drunk guy?" She ignored him at first but then told him , "I guess he's our responsiblity." She really acted like she didn't know him, but they were just glad to get him off their hands.

When we checked out of our cabin we told the owner that there were blood stains on our deck, wood floor, and the rug, but that they weren't from us.

We told him the whole story and just laughed all the way through. He couldn't believe that that happened, but he was glad that we were able to laugh about it. We mentioned T.J's name in the story, so he looked at his list of cabins to see which cabin T.J. was staying in. T.J. was staying in the cabin next door to us.

Right after we checked out the owner went and woke up the their cabin. He found out that the drunk guy was a friend of a friend of T.J's and they didn't even really know him. My older brother saw the owner talking to them and said that they were a pretty rough crowd.

The owner said that he was send my Dad a discount coupon for us to use next time we come. We love it at Lake Greeson so we will for sure be going back, but we'll remember to lock the door at night next time.


bmullen said...

Oh my gosh! What a scary/funny story!