Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i love my family

I love spending time with my husband!!
Carson was mesmerized with Uncle Drew and his guitar.
Drew was so sweet, he even let him pick at the strings.
Hanging out on the boat with Carson.
He loved to watch the water splash up on the side of the boat.
Relaxing on the boat with my hubby.
We had no internet service and barely any phone service, but I spend some time on my computer loading and editing photos.
Our cabin overlooked the lake. It was beautiful.
Carson being a little mischievous and pulling the stickers off of Drew's guitar case.
We spend a lot of time on the boat.
Carson loves wrestling with his Daddy.
My brother, Ryan and his wife, Ashley hanging out on the boat.
Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful trip to Lake Greeson. I look forward to many more family trips to Lake Greeson.