Friday, July 31, 2009

friday night at the ballpark

We went to the Rangers game with our ABF tonight. It was $10 tickets, $5 parking and fireworks night!! We had pretty good seats for $10!!
There were 8 couples that went with us!!

{The Craddock} & {The Janes}

{The Hammetts} & {The Stones}

{The Hares} & {The Kennedys}

{The Hutchisons} & {Me and Matt}

The last Rangers game I went to, I sat by this sweet little 6 year old boy that was eating tons of yummy snacks that his Daddy had packed for him. I was so jealous, because I didn't know that you could bring your own cooler into the ballpark. I don't like most ball park food and the prices of the ballpark food just make me cringe. So, I came prepared to this game.
I packed 2 waters, 2 Diet Dr. Pepper, sun flower seeds, pistachios, skittles, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cheese-its for my dinner, and enough peanut butter treats for everyone!! All we had to buy at the ballpark was a hot dog for Matt.
Around the 5th inning the sky started looking pretty dark. We looked on our phones at a weather radar, and a huge storm was about to blow in.
It was already lightening, but the announcers hadn't told us to leave. Most of the guys stayed to watch the game but the some of us girls just didn't feel comfortable with the huge lightening. So stepped out and of course we had to take a girls pic!!
Even though it rained and we missed the fireworks we still had a great time hanging out with friends!!


Heather said...

We love packin' up and heading to the Ranger game! Our favorite is dollar hot dog night (Wednesdays)! Sorry you missed the fireworks!