Sunday, December 16, 2012

pearson {18 months}

How in the world are you already a year and a half?  I know you have been a "toddler" for a while, but you are really seeming more and more like a toddler these days.  You are just growing and learning so much.  You do or say something new every single day.  You truly amaze us at how smart you are.  You are like a little sponge soaking up everything we say.  I love it!! You make us laugh every day and always put a smile on our face.  We love you more than you will ever know. 

Measurements: 25 pounds 4.5 ounces

  • shirts/onesies: 18 month shirts; wearing some 18-24 months stuff
  • shorts/pants: 18 months; wearing some 18-24 month stuff
  • pjs: 18 months
  • diaper: size 4's (5's at night)
  • shoe: size 5ish (it really depends on the brand)
Sleeping: You typically nap from 1pm-3pm, but sometimes I put you down earlier and sometime I push you until 2.  On days you go to MDO you don't go down for a nap until 2:15 and you usually sleep until 5pm.  Most days you take a solid 2 hour nap, every now and then I get lucky and you take a 3 hour nap.  Because you are down to one nap, you go to bed at 7:00 sharp.  You sleep until 7:30 or 8am and lately it's been more on the 8:00 side!!

Eating: You drink 3 sippy cups of milk, one at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You definitely prefer milk over water but you will still drink water when I give it to you.  This month you have LOVED Greek yogurt.  It has definitely been our go to food this month.  You love to feed it to yourself.  You also started eating with a fork.  You will turn your nose up to certain foods without a fork, but if we give you a for you will scarf it down!! You also LOVE any kind of cracker, dry cereal, goldfish, cheerios, etc.  After your nap you constantly say "Cah-Ker" or "Nack" until we get you a snack!!

New Tricks: Climbing and lots of new words

Words: Dada (Daddy), Go (when he waves),  Doh (dog), Da ("dat"), Woah (hello), MaMa, Duh(Duck), Wah (Water), GoGoGoGoGoGo (when we mention going somewhere), Nuh (milk), Ah-Oh (when he drops something), Di-Dle (Bible), Ca-Ker (cracker), Go-Go (anything with wheels), Doo (Peek-a-Boo), Shhhuh (Shoe), Cah (car), Nih-Nih (Night, Night) Trac-Ker (tractor), Na-Nuh (Banana), Neuh (No), Gee-Suh (Jesus), Nack (Snack) Di-Da (Diaper) New This Month: Di-Di (Bye-Bye), Sha-Ta (Shasta-my parent's Dog), Izz-oo (Izzie), Jo (Joseph), A-Tal (Apple), Truh with a rolled "r" (truck), Woooaaah (Wow), Yah (Yay), Buh (Book), Coh (Cow), Pah (Pops), Trac-Ker (also train)

Teeth: 12 (six top/six bottom) No new teeth this month, but you have been drooling like crazy and you can't keep your fingers out of your mouth this month. 

Likes: Books, trucks, cars, snack-time with Izzie, puzzles, Mickey Mouse, my iPhone, goldfish, climbing on the couch, eating with a fork and playing at the park.

Dislikes: Getting your diaper changed, brushing your teeth, waiting for your food when he you're hungry, getting in and out of the car seat (still sitting rear facing). 

Other Random Things:
  • You are SO obsessed with trucks and cars.  As soon as you see one, you let us know!!
  • You love cleaning up! Before we go to bed each night you help us clean up every last toy. 
  • You have not seemed to care about our Christmas tree at all.  I really thought it was going to be a nightmare with a toddler and a tree but it hasn't been a problem at all. 
  • You've been a little pickier eater than normal, but if we hand you a fork, you will eat just about anything. 
  • When Daddy was reading a pop up book he would say "Wooooowwww" when we open the page.  Now when you read books you sometimes say "Wooh".
  • When Daddy is watching football and cheering loudly, you watch him and throw your arms up and say "Yah" or "Go"!
  • You can recognize pictures of Daddy, Mommy, Pops, and Izzie.
  • You can point to your hair and ears and sometimes your nose, mouth and eyes.
  • You love Story Time, you always have, but this past month you have been so good and actually sitting still to participate in it.  
  • You had your first ear infection this month and you even had a ruptured ear drum. Poor baby slept terrible for a few nights. 
  • We are taking your paci away from you TODAY outside of the crib. You can only have it in your crib at naptime and bedtime.  We'll see how it goes!!
  • You've been a super shopping buddy this month!

Look how you've changed....


Alisa said...

I love this 18 month old! He was so much fun to watch this past Sunday while Granddaddy and Grammy kept him while Mommy and Daddy were away.