Monday, June 17, 2013

Under Construction Party: the details

Way back in February I stumbled across a post on a Garage Sale sight I follow with tons of Construction party supplies for only $30.  I hadn't really put any thought into Pearson's party, but I knew that he loved "Beeg" (big) Trucks so I knew this would be the perfect party for him.  I got soooooooo much stuff for only $30.  I barely had to buy anything for his party, which is just the way I like it.  I love to decorate for parties, but I don't like to spend a lot of money.  

For his invitations, I ordered them off Etsy from a shop called Designing Finch.  She was super fast and very affordable.  I printed off an invitation for all of our family and just e-mailed the PDF for our friends.  
Grammy's perfect handwriting on our little chalkboard in the kitchen.
I absolutely LOVE the way the table for his turned out.  It was exactly how I had it pictured in my head!!
All of the printables were ordered from Lee Laa Loo, although I didn't buy the package or have to print or cut anything out.  I just used all of the previous partiers unused items!! It was perfect.  There was an abundance of toothpicks with flags for my sausage balls, just enough labels for all the food, the perfect amount of cupcake (muffin) toppers, just enough wrappers to wrap the silverware,  and plenty of Thank You tags for the favors.  There were a few signs and a few tags that had "5" or "Tristan" on them so I just trashed those.  The Happy Birthday banner also had "Tristan" on it, but I thought it looked totally fine without a name under it.  
I continued with the Birthday Book tradition like last year and had all our guest write a little note in the cover of a Truck Book.  
 Also included in my Garage Sale party pack were lots on hand made signs.  Someone took alot of time to draw all these signs out!! All I did was punch holes in the side and run some twine through it to make a super cute banner!!
I hung a few of the extra signs on our hall tree (that I still need to paint) and set the party favors there.  For the party favors, I filled the cute little bags with a construction hat, a party blower, two little cars, and a coloring book.  The little cars and the coloring books were all that I had to buy, everything else was in my party pack!! 
For the adult party favors, I packaged up cookies from Sam's and gave each family member a picture form his 2 yr old session.  I actually got the cookies for free with some coupons that I got whenever I got my Sam's membership.  
I hung one of the signs on the front door with CAUTION tape.  I actually put a big X's on all the doors in our house with Caution Tape.  It looked really cute and festive.  
There was tons of Caution tape left so I cut some of it up to make a high chair banner.  The yellow & black striped duck tape (that also came in the party pack) was awesome!!
Stay tuned for more party pics!!!


Joeylee said...

super cute party, love all the details!

Darci said...

Everything looks SO cute Katy! And even better that you got such a great deal on all the party supplies! OH and I love his little smile in the picture on the invites! ;) Too cute!

Rachel Zimm said...

Pearson's party looks incredible!! I love your whole table display!
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