Friday, January 13, 2012

good news & bad news

{good news}

I got a pretty new Erin Condren iPhone cover today!!

 {bad news}

I dropped my iPhone on the kitchen floor last night and the screen shattered.  
 It still works just fine, it's just really annoying to have huge cracks across the screen.
I've heard there are cheaper places to get the it rather than taking it to the Apple Store.  

Any recommendations??


Micah and Nicole said...

If you haven't had your screen fixed yet through the Apple store, they may do it for free. The did Micah's. But, it might just depend on the store/employee.

Allie said...

Most places are $100. Not sure how much the apple store charges.

Brittany said...

love your case! I have been waiting to find someone who has one to ask how they like it!? Does it seem durable? I have been really wanting one but loosing my otterbox makes me nervous!

k said...

What color did you choose from the Erin Condren Color guide?