Sunday, January 15, 2012

monthly onesie stickers

I have had a few friends ask me about Pearson's monthly pictures recently, so I thought I would do a little post about them!!
I look forward to taking his pictures each month and using his monthly stickers.  In fact I almost have his 7 month post ready to go for tomorrow.  OH MY in the world is my baby almost 7 months old???

Anyways. About the stickers....

I got my stickers off Etsy from Purple Possom.
I ordered these really simple colored ones so I could use a different color onesie each month. 
They also make more detailed boy ones and even ones that look like ties.  
They also have lots of super cute girl designs!

They even have a Just Born stickers that you can add on.
And here's the best part....

Purple Possum is having a sale until Tuesday, January 17th.  The 12 pack of stickers that are regularly $9.00 are on sale for $7.20.  And the Just Born sticker that is regularly $0.75 are on sale for $0.60!! So, head on over to Purple Possom and get your little one some monthly stickers.  Or these would even make a super cute inexpensive baby shower gift!!