Wednesday, January 04, 2012

puffs & sippy cups

Somebody got to try Puff today for the first time!!
If you hand him anything he puts it straight in his mouth. Today when I handed him a Puff he would not put it in his mouth for anything. 
  Once I put one in his mouth for him, he figured out that he was supposed to put them in his mouth.  
He LOVED them.  
 I'm so impressed that he can grab them and put them in his mouth.
 Are those little fingers not the cutest thing ever?
 They don't always make it into his mouth.  They get lost sometimes and they also fall on the floor. 
 Any ideas on who waits underneath the high chair for crumbs??
 He was entertained for a good 30 minutes this afternoon with Puffs!!
Not only did he try Puffs today, I've been giving Pearson a sippy cup each day with a little bit of water in it.  
How in the world is it time to give him a sippy cup?
 He doesn't usually get anything out of it by himself.  
So I have to help him tilt it up if he really wants a drink. 
 Even if he's not getting a drink, it keeps him pretty entertained.  
 He's a pretty happy camper just chewing on the nipple.  
I'm happy to have new little tricks {puffs & sippy cups} up my sleeve.....
......but slow down little man.  You don't have to grow up so fast!


Lindsay said...

Hudson has no idea what to do with a sippy cup yet either. I give him one every day to practice and he just plays with it. I think it's because he rarely gets a bottle.

Puffs are so fun! He's adorable eating them. :)

The Aggie Gardners said...

He is too cute, I'm amazed how fast time has gone by.

Christina said...

Wow, it seems like Pearson has suddenly started growing so quickly! Once they sit up their not so tiny anymore. What a cutie!

Christine said...

Naomi only played with hers when I first gave it to her around 6 months too, but it's good for them to get the hang of it. She had it mastered before her 9 month appointment though. I started with water as well, but she didn't really get good at it until I put formula in it. Also, another mom I know said that her son wouldn't drink from it when there was breastmilk in there, but will with regular milk or formula. Just some tips for the coming months. Looks like he's doing great! And, yes, they love the puffs, then it's cheerios, and then it's just anything on your plate... and wow, it really does just fly by. :)

Alisa said...

Pearson is adorable. Can't believe he is already big enough to eat puffs. And yes those little fingers are adorable along with all the rest of him! Can't wait to see him this weekend....and you and Matt too.

Micah and Nicole said...

Puffs are also lifesavers at restaurants. They keep Kaden very happy while we eat!!