Monday, January 30, 2012

iPhone rewind {january}

Here's our life the then lens on my iPhone this month!!

Such a big boy in his new shoes.
 So happy that he fits in some of his hand-me-downs from his cousin Ethan!
I just think this picture is funny!!
 This seems to be Pearson's signature face these days.
 Afternoon naptime was skipped.  Can you tell?
 Sportin' his new outfit made by Lolly.
 MOPS wore him out.
 I love spendin' my days with this sweet boy.  
 I think he like the container better than he likes the Puffs. 
 Socks are Pearson's new favorite snack!
 A long morning of crying it out finally worked.
 Baby Mum Mums.  Yum Yum!!
 Sweetest. Baby. Ever. even if he hadn't napped all day.
So squeezable. 
 Crying it out is finally starting to work.
 Little Man loves his jumperoo.
 In-N-Out Burger date with my boys!!
Little Man can clap, and it is so incredibly cute!!
I love how he sleeps with his little bum in the air!!

That's all folks!!


Alisa said...

Loved them all! He is growing and changing so fast.