Thursday, January 26, 2012

my friend lindsay

For the past year I have followed Lindsay on Twitter and her blog.  

Neither of us really know how we originally found each other but we did and such a fun friendship has developed because of it.  Matt makes fun of me because I talk about her like she lives next door.  We were both pregnant at the same time and now we both have little boys that are just 6 days apart so we have alot in common.  It's been so fun to "experience" all the same things at relatively the same time with someone.  Up until today we have just been "URL friends". 

But today we finally got to meet so I feel like I can call her a real friend now!!

We met up for lunch at Pei Wei then came back to our house to let the boys play!!
 The boys did lots of chewing and rolling while the Mamas did lots of chatting!!
 These little boys are on the move (well more so Hudson than Pearson because he can crawl) so it was impossible to get a picture with both of them.
 I am so happy that I finally got to meet Lindsay, but I sure wish she lived closer because I'm positive be would great friends.  
 And I've officially named this "The Buddy Chair"!!  If Pearson has a buddy come over, they have to take a picture in the buddy chair!!  
Won't it be cute to see a picture of all of Pearson and his buddies over the years?
So glad that he got to have Hudson in his buddy chair!! We can't wait to play again!!


Allie said...

Haha!! I read Lindsey's blog too! I think I found it through you!

The Links said...


Alisa said...

So cute. It's so funny how comfortable Pearson is in the chair getting pics made. Totally expected since he has had his picture made in that chair since practically day one!

Darci said...

It's so fun to see Pearson & Hudson together!!

How fun that you got to meet up!! Hoping a certain little girl can join the party sometime too! ;)

Lindsay said...

I just uploaded my pictures! Such a fun day...thanks again for letting us come over and play! :)