Monday, May 20, 2013

bad weather day

{Saturday, May 11- Day at Sea}

The only down side to having a room without a window is not being able to see what the weather is like.  We got all dressed and ready to go to the pool on our 2nd morning, but quickly realized once we walked out of our room that our plan to layout after breakfast wasn't going to happen. We ate breakfast then headed back to our room to change into clothes and check out the Navigator (the ship's daily activities guide) to make a new plan for the day.  

It was so dreary and so windy.  Definitely not how I wanted to start our cruise, but we still had a fun day. 
We started off our morning with some BINGO.  Normally I love playing BINGO on cruises, but it was so kind of expensive that was a real bummer.  It was $30 for a six pack for 4 games.  We didn't have any luck.  After the game was over they offered everyone in the room half price games for the afternoon session if we paid for them right then.  We decided to go ahead and cash in on the deal.  We didn't have any luck winning though.  Big waste of money.......$45 down the drain.  It was sunny for the rest of our trip so we skipped out on all the other BINGO games.  
Since we couldn't lay out, we decided to get some fresh air and eat some lunch outside.  We ate pizza from the little pizza bar on the lido deck.  Sooooo good!!  We probably ate a few too many pieces of pizza while we were on our cruise!!
 Our ship had an awesome movie theater with lots of awesome movies showing.......some of which are still in the theaters.  Lincoln, Brave, Ironman 3, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Avengers, just to name   a few.  After lunch we hit up the movie theater to watch The Avengers in 3D.  We didn't get to finish it  though because we had already paid for our 2nd round of Bingo.
 The sun never really came out so we headed back to our room for some relaxing and to get ready for formal night.  
Before our show we ran into Minnie! Isn't she precious?
The show for tonight was a Broadway style show call "Twice Charmed".  It was an original twist on the Cinderella Story.  It was SO good!!  The costumes and voices of the characters were spot on with the movie!!  In keeping with the theme, we had a special menu for Princes & Princesses.  
Matt and I couldn't decide which entree to order so we got four!!  Our servers were amazing and would bring us out as much as wanted.  We could have told them we wanted one of everything on the menu and they would have brought it to us!!  I usually take lots of pictures of the yummy food on our cruises but this was actually all I got this time. 
We had our entire table to ourselves for the night because the other couple that was supposed to be there had reservations at Palo (the fancy restaurant on the ship that you have to pay extra for).
 After dinner we ran into Mickey.  He looks so handsome in his tuxedo!!
When I say we ran into Mickey & Minnie, we didn't really run into them.  They had scheduled appearances throughout each day.  They were usually only 15 minutes and the lines got really long really quick.  We only waited in line if the lines were short.  Sometimes we would get to the area where they would be a little early so we could be first in line and not have to wait.  It was crazy how long the lines got with some of the characters.  The princess lines were always the longest.
After dinner we went to a late night comedy show and then stayed for "The Newlywed Game" (a cruise classic).  I was really pleased with how much the Disney Cruise had to offer for adults.  After 9pm one section of 3rd floor of the ship was for  adults only.  No kids allowed!! They had a piano bar, a sports bar and a dancing bar to hang out in.  The dancing bar usually had comedy shows or activities before it actually turned into a dancing bar around 11pm.  We usually hung out there each night, but we never stayed out past 11pm.  We were always pooped after a long day.  
Any guesses on what this towel animal is?? 
We had no idea!


Rachel Zimm said...

These cruise photos are great!
I love your blue one-strap dress!


Darci said...

Love that the Disney cruise is for adults too, but Mickey & Minnie were there! So fun! PS Love your dress w/the pop of yellow!