Friday, May 24, 2013

yo ho, a pirate's life for me

{Wednesday, May 15th- At Sea}

I'm skipping our day at Disney, but I promise I'll come back to it!!

I think I have said this every time I have blogged about our cruises, but I LOVE sea days!!!
This morning on our way to breakfast we ran into Cinderella.  Normally the princess lines were sooooooo long so I never bothered taking a picture, but this time there were just a few people in line we waiting.  It was so cute seeing the little girls dressed up in their own princess dresses and truly believing that this was the real Cinderella.  
After breakfast we spent the entire morning laying out at the pool with our friends Steve & L'Loni and listening to live music.  This cruise ship had great live music.  After a quick lunch on the lido deck Matt, Steve & L'Loni went to watch Iron Man 3 while I laid out for the rest of the afternoon.  I was more interested in getting a tan that watching a movie I didn't care to see!!
 Tonight was Pirates of the Caribbean Night.  Our black, white and red outfits were our makeshift pirate costumes since we didn't have any.  It was so fun to see the people that went all out on their costumes.  When we go on a Disney Cruise as a family we will definitely be dressing up more!!
Our show before dinner was a ventriloquist named Michael Harrison.  On our last cruise we had the best ventriloquist we had ever seen so we were a little disappointed by this guy.  He was pretty cheesy and very geared for families so we ended up walking out and just walking around the ship. 
 Tonight at dinner we had two new friends join us. They had been going to the earlier seating but decided to join us at the late seating.  They were about our age and fit in great with all of us.  The Caribbean food was so good tonight!  Other than the lobster night, this night was definitely my favorite dinner.   Our servers Emily and Arya made every night so wonderful.  We skipped out on dessert and headed up to the Lido deck so we could make it to the Pirate Party.
 I'm pretty sure just about the whole ship was up on the lido deck for the party.  All the characters and all the entertainment crew put on a big show/dance party.  Mickey even zip-lined across the ship.  They ended the party with a firework show in the middle of the ocean.  It was pretty awesome!!
 We were greeted by a cute little pirate when we returned to our room.