Sunday, May 26, 2013

our last day at sea

{Friday, May 17th- At Sea}

Most of the cruises I have been on have been 7 Night Cruises, but this one was an 8 Night Cruise.  Having one extra day at sea was really nice.  We were SUPER lazy today!!  

I woke up at the crack of dawn because of the time change so I got up and took a little jog  around the track (which I actually did on 3 of the other mornings as well) then walked around the ship and took lots of pictures.  
We laid out by the pool for a few hours with our friends this morning but then we spent most of the afternoon in our room.  We got all packed up, watched The Amazing Spiderman and even took a little nap.  

After a lazy afternoon in our room we head up for a little snack.  I got an ice-cream cone and Matt got a few slices of pizza.
On our way back to the room we spotted goofy!!
 Tonight's dinner show was a combination of singing and dancing from the entertainers and the characters and also a magic show.  It was really good!!
These were our table mates for the week. 
{Erin & Sam and Amanda & Carlo}
We really enjoyed chatting with them each night and getting to know them over the cruise. 
 After dinner we watched all the Characters bid their farewell in the Lobby Atrium, then we headed to a late night Magic Show.
Our last towel animal was a little Texas armadillo!!
Overall, we really enjoyed our Disney Cruise.  We would highly recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone......with or without kids.  If you have kids, there is no reason to go on another ship.  Disney has so much for kids and is totally set up for families to have a good time.  If you are going without kids, they really do have a ton of things for adults to enjoy.  Plus it's not really much of a party ship like so many other cruise ships are.  We never saw any crazy drunk people and we never had to look for lounge chairs by the pool because most people are traveling with their families.  A Disney Cruise is definitely on my list of things I want to do with Pearson someday.  He would definitely love it and we wouldn't mind going on another Disney Cruise either!!


Julie said...

I have LOVED reading all about your Disney cruise! I hope we can go on another cruise in a few years because they're so much fun! Glad yall had a great time!

Darci said...

So fun to read all about your cruise...good things to know! Would have never thought to go on a Disney Cruise w/o kids!