Saturday, May 18, 2013

while we were away {part 1}

While we were away, Pearson stayed with Lolly & Pops Thursday night through Tuesday afternoon.  They were busy, busy, busy over the five days they had together. 

He went shopping with Lolly at Hobby Lobby. I'm not sure he is ever this happy when he goes shopping with me, so I'm so glad he was a good little shopper for her.

He got to walk around a car show with Lolly & Pops.
I'm sure he was in heaven looking at all the cars!

Since we were gone over Mother's Day, I'm so glad that he got to spend it with my Mom.  
 Eating a feast prepared by Lolly!!
He went to Spring Creek Barbecue......and from this picture it looks like he was being a good little boy playing with his cars and letters. 
 I packed this puzzle because he LOVES playing with it!!  
 Pearson calls Pops "Pock" and ever time he says "Pock" he also says "truck".  He loves Pop's truck!!
 Bathtime with Lolly!!
 Pearson got to go out of the boat for the first time while he stayed with Lolly & Pops.  Although the pictures don't show it, he really did have a good time.  Mom & Ashley said they couldn't get our serious little man to crack a smile!!
Matt and I were a little jealous that Pearson got to go out on the boat before we did, but hopefully we'll be out on it sometime this week or next!!
I just love that he got to spend some quality time with his cousin's while we were away!
Not only did Lolly & Pops keep Pearson for 5 days, they also kept Izzie for our entire vacation.  
And on top of that, when we got home my Dad had mowed and edged our entire yard. 
I'm so thankful for my parents and all they did for us this week so Matt and I could get away.

Love you Mom & Dad!!