Monday, May 20, 2013

pearson {23 months}

Posting a little late since we were on vacation.
I can not believe our little man is almost two.  This year has gone by so fast.  The last few months have definitely been trying as he is learning to push our limits and test our boundaries. However, he still brings so much joy to our lives.  He is funny and so full of energy and all boy.  We wouldn't change a thing about him!!

Measurements:  It's impossible to weigh and measure a toddler on the run so we will just have to wait until we get our official 2 year stats next month.

  • shirts/onesies: 24 months & 2T
  • shorts/pants: 24 months 
  • pjs: 24 months & 2T
  • diaper: Size 5
  • shoe: size 5's & 6's

Sleeping: You have been taken great naps this months, usually 3 hours from 12:30-3:30.  You have decided that 6:30 is your wake-up time now.  I honestly wouldn't mind if you woke up happy but you wake up screaming! Ugh!!

Eating: You drink 3 sippy cups of milk and eat 2 snacks and 3 meals a day.  You've been eating like a typical toddler these days, liking food one day then turning yours nose up on the next.  However while you were with grandparents last week they said you ate anything and everything including lots of vegetables!!

New Tricks: You can run really fast.

Words: I didn't keep a very good record of new words this month, but you are definitely repeating everything we say now! It's hard to know if you actually know the word or not since you repeat us all the time.

Da-De (Daddy), Go (when he waves), Doh (dog), Da ("dat"), Woah (hello), Mommy, Duh(Duck), Wah (Water), GoGoGoGoGoGo (when we mention going somewhere), Nuh (milk), Ah-Oh (when he drops something), Di-Dle (Bible), Ca-Ker (cracker), Go-Go (anything with wheels), Doo (Peek-a-Boo), Shhhuh (Shoe), Cah (car), Nih-Nih (Night, Night) Trac-Ker (tractor), Na-Nuh (Banana), No, Gee-Suh (Jesus), Nack (Snack) Di-Da (Diaper), Bye-Bye, Sha-Ta (Shasta-my parent's Dog), Izz-oo (Izzie), Jo (Joseph), A-Tal (Apple), Truh with a rolled "r" (truck), Woooaaah (Wow), Yah (Yay), Buh (Book), Coh (Cow), Pah (Pops), Trac-Ker (also train) BeBe (Blueberry) Bo (Boat) Too-Too (Choo-Choo) Ba-Be (Baby), Uh (Up),  Eeeee (Eat), Pappi (Paci)  Ba-Tuh (Bathtub), Yo-Yo (Yogurt) Yo-Ya (Lolly), Cah-Se (Carson), Cuh (Cup), Boh (Ball), Soh (Sock), Coh (Coat), Pee-Suh (Pizza), Tuh-Dle (Puzzle), Cuh-Cuh (Color), A-see (Aisley), Ah-Yi (Alice), Mi-Mi (Naomi),Sho (TV Show) Mi-Mo (Mickey Mouse, Mi-Mi(Minnie), Chee-uh (Cheers...on Mickey Mouse), Ya-Yi (Lolly), Cha (chair), Moo (moon), Chuh (church), Shah (Star), tuh-tle (turtle), su-cle (circle), o-ful (oval), Hah (heart), tee (teeth) No (nose), eye, Mummy (tummy), elbow, knee, Am-ba (Amber), Essie (Lexi), Teet (feet), ah nuh (all done), Buh (Book), Be-Bo (belly button), Waaayyyy (yay!), Ah-she (Ashley), Yi-Bia (Olivia), Ou-Sie (outside), Bubu's (bubbles), Ah-noo (airplane), Ugh (up), Ha (hat), Ho (help), Tee (teeth), Tee-Tee (Potty), mow (mouth), A-Mee (amen) Owl, Pih-see or Pee-Pee (Pearson), Wa-yee (wagon) Suh (sun), Cwows (clouds), Pway (play), Bweh (Bread), Cuh doo doo doo (Cock-a-doodle-doo), ti-soo (tissue), Ah-Ye-Guh (Alligator), Swi (Slide), Scoo-buh (School Bus), Ta-key (Taxi), Tees (keys), Jee (Jeep), Ah-Gah (All Gone), Ah Duh (All Done), Ah-Noo (Airplane) Ah-you (Balloon), Cwok (Watch or Clock), Bee-Truh (Big Truck), Gu-Tah (Guitar), Wok (Walk), Uck (Stuck) New this month: i wuh you (I love you), CireTruck (Fire Truck) please car (police car) piwoh (pillow), grandaddy (Grandaddy), tan-take (pancake), tup-take (cupcake)

Teeth: 16 (eight top/eight bottom) Still waiting on all 4 two year molars

Likes: Books, trucks, Mickey Mouse, Playing outside, Taking Walks, Snacks, Being with his cousins, Seeing his Grandparents, singing songs, Going to the park, Playing with my iPhone, Wearing your shoes, your new wagon.

Dislikes: When we have to come inside, when Mickey Mouse is over, when we make you do something you don't want to do, getting in your carseat, getting dressed after a bath.
Other Random Things:

  • You learned the word "my" this month.  My car. My cup.  My ball. etc.....
  • You can run sooooooo fast.
  • You call Pops "Pock" now and everytime you say his name you have to say "Pock's Truck."
  • You know whose care is whose. (Mom, Daddy, Lolly, Pop's, Ashley & Drew)
  • You had your first extended sleepover with grandparents.  Five nights with Lolly & Pops and 4 nights with Grammy & Grandaddy.
  • We are spending lots of time in time-out these days.  
  • You love to close the toilet lid and then flush the toilet. 

This picture was too funny not to share!
Look how you've changed.