Sunday, October 13, 2013

baby no. 2 {21 weeks}

how far along? 21 weeks
how are you measuring? 3 days ahead according to the sono about a week ahead with the doctoring measuring my belly
size of baby? size of a pomegranate
heartbeat? 147 bpm (at our 18 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 5 lbs 
maternity clothes? A mixture of regular clothes and maternity clothes.  I'm really missing all of my skinny jeans.  I've got to go get some maternity ones this week
stretch marks? No new ones! I'm not doing a very good job lotioning up this go round
sleep? Sleeping fine. 1-2 bathroom trips in the night. Must sleep with a pillow under my belly.  
best moment this week? Making $300 at my garage sale and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary
movement? Yes! And they are getting stronger each day!!
food cravings? Honeycrisps and Ice Water and candy!!
gender predictions? BOY!!!! And his name is Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? My fall wardrobe, mainly my skinny jeans.  I feel like I have NOTHING fashionable to wear. 
what i'm looking forward to? Picking out a paint color for his nursery, arranging his furniture and getting started on his nursery.
how are you feeling? Cramp in my butt, charlie horses at night, round ligment pains, but that's about the worst of it.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I definitely have more energy these days but having a toddler and being pregnant is still very tiring.  Also, I've been a little overly emotional this week.  Our insurance changed with Matt's new job and we found out this week that we were going to be spending 75% out of pocket to stay with my current OB. I'm having to switch doctor's mid-pregnancy.  It really stinks because I love my OB but we would much rather only have to pay 10% out of pocket. 
comparisons to last pregnancy? His kicks are way stronger than Pearson's were at this point.  I keep getting the same cramp in my butt that I had with Pearson.  I am smaller and have gained less weight this pregnancy but I still feel big. 

Here I am 21 weeks with Pearson and 21 weeks with Nash.


The Fenner's said...

I hear you on the clothes! We have our high school ruinion and I have NO iDEA what I'm going to where! Which Ross did you go to for your cute shirts? I went to the one in Wylie and didn't see any maternity stuff?

Lolly said...

I think you look bigger in the photo with Pearson at 21 weeks? Do you? I think you've been dressing very cute lately.