Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A few months ago I joined a Bunco group joined a Bunco group in my neighborhood.  Two of my friends from my ABF, Carissa and Jenica, are also in the group.  We have such a fun time once a month playing with our Bunco group.  It a random assortment of ladies of all ages but we have the bst time together.  It's always a night full of good food, good conversation and lots of laughs!!  So far we have had a Fiesta night (no dressing up, just a food theme), a PJ party, and Monday Night Football themed night.  

If you are in a Bunco group, what are some fun themes that you have done in the past?


Christine said...

I'm not in one, but if ya'll ever have an opening or need a sub, give me a call.