Thursday, October 31, 2013

twick or tweat

We started our Halloween evening off by taking a trip to see my Oma.  She was thrilled that Ashley and I brought the kids over.  She sent us home with too much candy and some delicious chocolate chip cookies. 
My parents have the best street to Trick or Treat on, so we all just camped out at their house for the evening.  Of course we couldn't get Pearson to put his hat on, so this was the best picture we could get with Lolly and Pops. Carson and Olivia's costumes are vintage.  My big brother, Ryan and I wore them when we were Carson and Olivia's age.  I was so impressed that Olivia would actually wear the hat!!
Before we took Pearson Trick or Treating he got to pass out some candy with Pops.  He actually did really good putting two pieces of candy in each kid's bucket.
Pearson felt like such a big boy walking around with his pumpkin bucket. 
Next year we are going to have to practice letting the people hand Pearson candy.  Since our first two houses we trick or treated to were my parents and my grandparents.  They just let him take as much candy as he wanted.  The first "real" house we Trick or Treated to he just stuck his hand in a took a piece......and then went back in for a second piece.  Thankfully it was my parents good friends so they didn't care.  In fact they told him he could take even more!!!
I walked up to each door with Pearson but I let him ring the doorbell or knock each time if the people weren't already siting outside.  I had to remind him to say Trick or Treat and Thank You each time but he would say it to every person!! After each house he would say, "How bout dat one?"  I think he really got the hang of Trick or Treating this year!
 Of course he took a few pieces of candy at Nonnie's house.
And then he tried to convince her to open a piece for him!!
Happy Halloween from two minions and Gru!!
We sure had a fun night and I hope you did too!!


Alicia said...

I love your cute costumes and that your family is dressed as a theme. Talk about adorable. That is also so fun that you share the holiday with your family. I'm sure this will be so special for the kids as they continue to grow. Happy Halloween:)

Julie said...

I second what Alicia said...LOVE the family-themed costumes! Y'all are too cute! :)