Monday, October 28, 2013

halloween bunco

On Monday night our Bunco Group had an extra meeting so we could have a Halloween themed night.  We all dressed up in our costumes and had a Bunco Marathon.  Jenica won the "Best Costume" award.  Isn't her costume awesome? So creative!! I thought about doing something this year with my bump but I went with the minion since I was dressing up Pearson as a minion too. 
I just love the ladies in my Bunco group.  We are in all different stages of life. It's been fun to meet some new friends and reconnect with some old friends that I grew up going to church with. 

{Joanne, Shari, Vicky, & Susie}
{Dana, Aubrey, Teresa, & Tommye}
{Jenica, Me, Kera, & Carissa}
I got a Big Bunco in one of the first few rounds. I was so excited to have the Bunco Bear, but since it was early in the game I didn't get to keep it long. 
I ended up with about the same amount of wins and loses so I didn't get any prizes there, but Carissa and I took home all the Baby Bunco traveling prizes between the two of us!!