Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby No. 2 {18 weeks}

how far along? 18 weeks
how are you measuring? We'll see on Tuesday!
size of baby? size of a bell pepper
heartbeat? 180's bpm (at our 13 week appt)
total weight gain/loss? 1.6 lbs (I am amazed that I only gained .6 lbs with all of the free birthday food. I was really afraid I was going to have to explain a 5 pound weight gain to my doctor on Tuesday!!)
maternity clothes? I'm wearing some of both.  It just depends on what I feel like wearing.  Regular clothes are getting on the tight side yet maternity clothes are a little on the big side.  Just mixing it up a little trying to find things to wear each day.  I'm not really a fan of the Bella Band this go round. 
stretch marks? Nope.  And I've decided that the lighting in my bathroom is awful.  I can totally see the few stretch mark Pearson gave me when I'm in the bathroom but when I'm in any other room I can't seem to find them.  I'm just going to stay out of our bathroom!!
sleep?  I'm just waking up once a night to go the bathroom.  I have no problem falling asleep but I feel like I've been restless this week.  I'm starting to feel uncomfortable on my back already so I'm forced to sleep on my side.  When I sleep on my side I have to constantly switch and with the switch I have to move my "belly pillow" with me.  Ugh, sleep is just no fun when you are pregnant......and I'm not even very big yet.  I've got a long way to go. 
best moment this week? Oh my goodness, the weather was unbelievable this weekend.  We enjoyed multiple walks again this week and it feel sooooooo good to get moving again.  I also had  an amazing 29th birthday.  I had such a good day spending time with one of my friends during the family and then my little family of 3 in the evening. 
movement? Yes! It's just here and there though.  Mainly at night. I can't wait until I can feel kicks all the time!!  It's the best part of pregnancy. 
food cravings? Free food...ha! All of my free birthday food has tasted so good!! 
gender predictions? My official vote for this baby is girl!  We would love to have a little girl to throw some pink into the mix but the thought of little brothers sounds pretty fun too.  We can't wait to find out in two days. Matt and Pearson also think its a girl.  I guess we will all be wrong or right!! But no matter what we know that God chose the right sex for Baby #2 in our family!! 
what i miss? I miss my clothes all fitting perfectly.  This in between stage really stinks.  It's such a pain picking out clothes for the day.  I'm ready to just be in all maternity clothes so I at least don't have to think about what fits. 
what i'm looking forward to? Our appointment on Tuesday. We find out the sex of our baby!!!
how are you feeling? No complaints here!!
comparisons to last pregnancy? I am already feeling very pregnant at night when I sleep.  I have had some round ligament pains already too.  I definitely feel like I'm feeling the pains of pregnancy sooner this go round.  I also do not like wearing the Bella Band.  It's just not comfortable. I've been much more laid back this pregnancy with the cokes and lunch meat.

Here I am 18 weeks with Pearson and 18 weeks with Baby No. 2.


Faith said...

Can't wait to find out what you're having! I'm in total agreement about the Bella Band, I'm just not a fan! And I definitely understand the pains happening sooner with the pregnancy, which makes me a lil nervous for the weeks to come!!

Steve said...
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Rachel Zimm said...

Sorry about the comment above...was signed in under my husband :)

Glad you had a nice birthday!
Can't wait to hear how you scored all the free food.
So exciting that you find out Boy/Girl tomorrow! Can't wait to hear. Are you going to announce it in a special way?
We find out on Thursday!! AH!