Monday, September 16, 2013

grandaddy is 60

Sunday evening Matt's entire side of the family headed to Top Golf to celebrate his Dad's 60th Birthday!!
We left Pearson and Ethan (the two youngest grandkids) at home while we played golf!! 
 **I have been so terrible this summer at keeping my big camera with me, so all of my pictures are from my iPhone.  I stole the next three from my SIL because she always has her camera with her!!

{Most of the fam}
 {Matt, Bryan, & Stan}
 {Matt and his Dad}
After golfing we headed back to Matt's sister's house for cake, presents and a special video.
Grammy always makes the coolest cakes.  She is incredibly talented.  
{Grandaddy and his kids}
 {Grandaddy and his grandkids}
 Grandaddy had lots of help from Pearson and Ethan opening his presents!
My brother in law made a neat video full of pictures of Grandaddy all throughout his life.  It was fun way to celebrate 60 years of his life!!

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!! We love you!!


Stan said...

Such a great evening with all of my kids and grandchildren. I am tremendously blessed.

Stan said...
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Alisa said...

It was a great celebration for Grandaddy. Thanks to our children and their spouses for the planning and execution of such a fun time! We love you all!