Monday, September 16, 2013

pearson {27 months}

  • Monthly pictures are next to impossible to take these days.  This was the best we could do.  Actually, pictures in general are so hard to get.  I want some updated family pictures before I get too pregnant but it looks like that won't be happening because I'm positive you wouldn't cooperate!
  • You started preschool this month.  You go 2 days a week from 9:15-1:45.  You are doing great so far.  You love talking about your new class and new friends and especially Logan. 
  • You started carrying a "Tack-Tack" to school and you love it!
  • You have finally learned all of your colors.  You still call brown black sometimes and purple pink.  But other than that, you know them all!!
  • You are obsessed with Stickers and Stamps.  We do sticker books all the time at home and you get a stamp somewhere on your body everyday at school. 
  • You love to dance in the car but Mommy and Daddy are not allowed to.  If we start dancing you say "No Mommy dance".  I guess you are already embarrassed by us.  
  • If the radio station is not good dancing music you will tell me "New Station" and then if it's a good one you tell me "Up  Mommy" to turn the volume up!
  • You got sick this month with the croup and strep and had to miss school one day.  The steroid you took for the croup made you CRAZY!! We had a rough week of really bad behavior, lots of tears, fits, time-outs, and spankings.  
  • You will no longer give us hugs and kisses at night.  You lay in your bed and then say "Bwoah Kisses".  
  • "Mo-Mo Cycles" (motorcycles) are you automobile of choice these days.  Although, big trucks and "Twawers" (trailers) come in a close second.  You also love looking at construction sights and love the cranes that we pass every time we go to church. 
  • You think all houses with a round pointy part is a castle
  • After watching me play Candy Crush you have learned the words, delicious, tasty and sweet. Everytime I brush your teeth you say "Yi-tious". It the cutest thing ever. 
  • You used to call all churches castles because of the steeple.  We finally taught you they are called steeples and that if they have a steeple it's a church.  You can now spot all churches and steeples. 
  • One day I went shopping for fall clothes for you and when we got home I showed Daddy.  I kept  saying "Aren't these cute?" Now when we get dressed you always say "Cute"......about yourself and about me and Daddy!
  • This month you have become a very picky eater.  I never know what you are and aren't going to eat.  It's hit or miss everyday.  Some days I swear you only eat bread, crackers and fruit. 
  • No is your favorite word and it's about to drive Mommy and Daddy crazy!!
  • You have started playing soccer with Daddy in the living room. You love to kick your little soccer ball. 
  • When we drive places you like to tell us to go "dis way" or "dat way".  You can also tell us exactly how to get to Lolly's house.  
  • When you see a stop sign you tell us to stop and you also tell us "Green-Go" and "Red-Stop".
  • You are convinced we are having a baby girl. If we say it is a boy you say "Nooooooo, baby gull"
  • Every night when we say prayers we ask you whose turn it is to say prayers and you ALWAYS say "Mommy's turn".  One night when Daddy was playing softball and went and ahead an asked him whose turn it was even though Daddy wasn't home.  Of course he said it was "Daddy's turn".