Monday, September 02, 2013

see you later izzie

 For about a year now I have been thinking about getting rid of our dog.  Ever since Pearson was born we just don't give her the love and attention that she deserves.  She really is such a fun, sweet, 
well behaved dog.  We just don't pay attention to her at all.  Plus, with Baby #2 on the way, we have had to start clearing out the only extra room in our house.  Izzie's crate stayed in that room so with the extra room being turned into a nursery, we really don't have a place for her stuff now. 
I knew if I gave her away I didn't want to just give her away to anyone.  It had to be a friend or someone I knew pretty well.  I posted this picture of Izzie with a bunch of info about her on Facebook on Saturday and hoped and prayed one of my Facebook friends would want her. 
About an hour after I posted it, I got a text from a friend from our ABF that she was interested.  After texting back and forth for a while, they decided that they wanted her.  I was sooooooo excited!!  They have a little boy a little older than Pearson so she will love having a little friend to play with.  They also already have a lab and a cat.  Izzie is kind of indifferent to cats, but she loves my parents Labradoodle so I knew she would love having a big buddy again! After they picked up Izzie, Rebecca kept me updated on how my Izzie girl was doing. 
 They said that Cooper insisted on Izzie sleeping in his room and sleeping with his blanket.  How sweet! Pearson played with Izzie periodically, but was never really "buddy buddy" with her.  I can already tell that Cooper and Izzie are going to be great buds. 
 I'm am absolutely thrilled that we found a good home for Izzie, but it is definitely bittersweet getting rid of her.  I got her as a graduation present from my parents in 2007 so she's been in my life for six years.  She really was my first baby.  We had so many good memories together!

Here are just a few pictures of my sweet Izzie girl over the years. 

My itty bitty puppy!
She always loved hiding behind the door and beside the toilet in my bathroom!
Busted......but isn't she cute?
My napping buddy my first year of teaching when I was so exhausted.

She always had to be up on the computer desk when I was working. 
Photo Booth fun!!
 Hanging out on the boat!
Family picture in the snow.
 Covered in snowballs.
Taking a breath of fresh air!
 My sweet Izzie girl.
 My sweet Izzie girl, you will be missed, but I know that you are at a much better home with a family that will love and take care of you and give you all the attention that you deserve.  They are going to spoil you rotten.  I'm so glad that you are with a friend of mine because I don't have to say "Goodbye" for good. It can just bee a "See You Later" because I know we'll get to see you again. 

Love you Izzie girl!!


Lolly said...

I loved seeing those photos of puppy Izzie. I'll miss her too. Too bad she could go through our fence. I hope I get to see her again also.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry that you had to get rid of your dog, but so happy to hear that she went with friends, and it looks like they love having a new animal in the house to love!

Alisa said...

Glad you were able to find Izzie a good home. Sounds like she is going to be loved and cared for very well!

Darci said...

We've had the same thoughts about Abby ever since Avery was born. Poor pup doesn't get the attention she deserves. I just couldn't make the decision to give her away...I'm trying to convince my Mom to take her for us! ;)