Thursday, September 05, 2013


We met Matt's parents at Benihana's for dinner tonight.  We had two $30 Birthday Certificates to use!!  They recently changed their policy to where you have to buy a meal to use your gift certificate so it's basically a Buy One Get One Free Coupon now.
Our dinner was absolutely always.  And the company wasn't to bad either!!  Well, Pearson was a little toot because he hadn't napped that day, but we enjoyed chatting with Matt's parents!!
I felt like I walked in without a baby bump and walked out look 6 months pregnant!! I was so stuffed!
We were awesome parents and let Pearson watch a video on my iPhone during the majority of dinner.  He was sooooo loud and wouldn't stay in his seat and we hated to ruin everyone's experience in the restaurant.  
After dinner, Pearson finally cheered up a little when he got to sit in Grandaddy's lap and play with the chopsticks. 


Christine said...

It's funny how you can see people doing that (video at dinner) with their kids and think it's horrible, I wouldn't do that, blah, blah... then you find yourself resorting to it in a pinch. We've only done it once or twice that I can recall and I wanted to feel bad about it, but I just didn't - sometimes you just have to use the resources available to you to navigate tricky terrain.