Tuesday, June 26, 2012

beat the heat

Oh my gosh y'all......this heat is about to kill me.  My car said 110 degrees this afternoon.  
 I thought being pregnant in the summer was a beating, but having a baby in the heat of the summer is pretty rough too. 
 It takes us so much longer to get in and out of the car these days that I work up a sweat just getting Pearson buckled up.  
 I'm an "on the go" kind of Stay at Home Mom, so we get out of the house for atleast one thing everyday.  And one stop means buckling and unbuckling Pearson 4 times.  Whew!!
We beat the heat today at a pool in Highland Park with Denise and Holland. 
The kiddos had a blast and Denise and I enjoyed the adult conversation!!   
Being at the pool is definitely one of my favorite ways to beat the heat.  What is your favorite way to beat the heat in the summer?


The Adcock Home said...

The heat is one of my biggest concerns for having a newborn end of July/early August. I have a black car with black leather seats. YIKES!!! I almost wish I had an automatic car starter, so I could start the car as we are walking to the car to get it cooling off.