Saturday, June 30, 2012

date night & donuts

We are on a roll this weekend checking things off our Summer List!!

Tonight Pearson had a sleepover at Lolly & Pops so we could have a Date Night!!  We went and had a delicious dinner at Gloria's at The Harbor in Rockwall.  We had never been out there together so it was fun to go somewhere new.  I was however a little disappointed at the lack of stuff out there.  We did enjoy the view of the lake though.  
We also enjoyed the fact that there was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there!!  Even though the caramel apples are $6 a pop, we splurged and each got our own to eat when we got home!! I got Apple Pie and Matt got Cheesecake.  So incredibly delicious!!
 We have a ton of movie gift cards so we were originally going to go to a movie after dinner.  We didn't really think anything looked all that great so somehow I talked my husband into getting pedicures!!  Best. husband. ever.  I let him check the Rangers score while we were getting pedicures so he could feel a little bit more manly!!
This morning when I went to pick up Pearson I also went to get donuts for breakfast! 
Pearson enjoyed his first taste of donuts and I'm pretty sure he loved them!!
Thanks Lolly & Pops for keeping Pearson so we could have the night off!!


Lindsay said...

My mom was just telling me about that area in Rockwall! Looks pretty!

fancyashstyle said...

Where did you get pedis at? I wish your brother would get one. His feet are ridiculous. I'm pretty sure he needs some kind of medicine for them. Olivia LOVES donuts!!! She could probably eat them every meal.

Laura said...

My hubby secretly likes getting pedis with me too! It's awesome. :)