Saturday, June 23, 2012

my kind of golf

One time a few years ago, I tagged along with Matt while he played a round of golf.  I'm pretty sure I'll never do that again.  It was way too hot and it took forever.  Top Golf is definitely my kind of golf.  It's in the shade, you don't have to be any good, and there are waitresses to bring you food and drinks!! 

This afternoon we went to Top Golf with a few of our friends from our ABF.
{The Hanks} 
 {The Hjertstedts}
 Anna is having Baby Westin on Wednesday and she still managed to hit some balls!! Go Anna!!!
I have to admit I was quite impressed with my first 5 shots.  I was even beating Matt after the first round.  Unfortunately, my game went downhill from there and his game went up.  
 See what I mean....this is my kind of golf game!! I actually got a decent score!!
 Matt would have loved to stay longer for more games, but we decided to come  home for little man to take a nap.  (Although he's been talking in his crib for an hour now and he's still not asleep)
We had a fun afternoon with friends and our little family playing my kind of golf!


Amy said...

Had so much fun with you guys today! Glad we got to see Pearson. He sure does like to groove to the music!

The Fenner's said...

I love top golf too! Adam is currently playing a round outside in this awful heat. I don't understand it. It's soo boring!:) Glad yall had a fun afternoon!

Darci said...

ha! I'm not a golfer either!

And kudos to your prego friend for hitting a few!! :)