Monday, June 11, 2012

poor bears

This weekend we got tickets to the Baylor Super Regionals in Waco.  
 Matt was thrilled to introduce Pearson Baylor baseball. 
It was so nice to have Matt's parents at the game with us to help wrangle our little man who doesn't like to sit still!!
 The game was so stinkin' hot.  
The game started at 4pm and the 3rd inning was just ending at 5:30.  We took a little break from the heat to meet up with some old friends from our ABF.  It was so good to see Adam and Cassidy and meet their sweet girl, Savannah!
When we got back to our seats, the couple in front of us said that we could scoot up to the front row and take their seats because they had to leave for a wedding!!
 Pearson loved our front row seats because he had a lot more freedom and didn't have to sit in our laps.   
Check out that crazy sweaty hair.  He is one sweaty kid.  
 I'm really proud of how well Pearson did at the game, considering he only had a short afternoon nap, the heat and the fact that the game went right through his dinner time.
He did eat alot of fishies and had a little fruit pouch while we were there though.
 Sweet boy!!
 Even though it was hot, it was a fun day with our little family and Grammy & Grandaddy!
 So far, Pearson has been to two Baylor sporting events and they have won both games!!
Sadly, game two and three didn't end like game one did. 

Matt and his Dad went back to the 3pm game twoon Sunday while Matt's Mom, Pearson and I just hung out at the house.  Saturday was fun, but way too hot for us!! We enjoyed watching the game in the AC.   Since they lost game two, the boys made one more trip to Waco for game three tonight.  

Poor bears, they lost again.  My poor hubby is heart broken.  

And even though I am an Aggie, I gotta say Sic 'Em because those Bears have really had an unbelievable year in sports.  


Allie said...

Their baseball team especially!!! They broke a Big 12 record for most wins in a row!! My cousin is #16 Logan Brown. He went in last night to be a pinch runner for Josh Ludy at the very end. Exciting season, I was sad to see it end like that last night.

jrandchels said...

How funny that we were at the same game and that you saw Carter with my dad. You guys did much better than us! Carter seriously didn't last 15 minutes out there. And how sad we lost on Monday. We didn't go to any of the other games either :)