Thursday, June 28, 2012

not ready for a sibling

This afternoon I watched my sweet little niece while Ashley took Carson to Hawaiian Falls. While I watched her I learned that Pearson is definitely not ready for a sibling yet!!  

I came to this conclusion watching them play with this ball........
 Olivia found it.  Pearson wanted it. 
Olivia was so proud that she had the ball. 
 Pearson yanked it out of her arms and walked off with it. 
 Olivia tried to get it back. 
 Pearson moved it to where she couldn't get it. 
 Olivia got upset that Pearson wouldn't share the ball. 
 I put the ball in between them to try to let them share it. 
 Olivia took it. 
 Again, she was so proud.  And what you can't see is Pearson screaming on the floor.  
 When it was time for Olivia to have her bottle, that's all he wanted.  He didn't want his Cheerios or his sippy cup of milk.  He just wanted her bottle.  
 Although it looks they spent a lot of time "fighting".  They really do play so well with each other.  It was really easy keeping them both because they entertained each other so well.  Pearson was so funny though. He is not a super snuggly/cuddle in my lap kind of kid.  But every time I would love on Olivia or have her in my lap, he would come up to me and just give me the biggest hug.  He was just a tad bit jealous!!

After their snack, I stripped them down, sunscreened them up, and we all put our swimsuits on to swim in our backyard.  (Props to Moms of multiples!! It took us a while to get ready for the pool!!)
 They had so much fun in the little pool.  
 It was really nice that we were able to get in the water without going anywhere.  
I love these sweet little face.  
And I love that Pearson has a sweet cousin so close in age to grow up with.  
But for now, we are going to work on sharing and our jealousy issues before there is a little sibling in the Link family.  


fancyashstyle said...

That last picture is too adorable! Love it! They really do play good together so it's funny to see how upset he got! It's definitely nice having a good gap between kids. Carson never really seemed to get jealous over Olivia once we brought her home. He has his times, but not often. Right now the only thing he won't share is his cozy coupe. He got so mad when she played in it tonight.

Cassidy said...

Ashley beat me to it! I was going to say how cute the last picture was, too!

Darci said...

Agree w/the 1st 2 comments...the last picture is the best!

And I'm with ya on not being ready for #2! Adelyn doesn't have the sharing thing down yet either! I think its the age.

Lolly said...

I think this is my favorite post you've ever done. I love it.

Erica Ladwig said...

Omg, I love the smug look on Pearson's face in picture #4!! Hilarious!

jrandchels said...

Babies are so funny together! Our playdates usually consist of keeping Carter from stealing toys, pinching, and hitting. I know she doesn't realize what she's doing... but I thought my baby was sweet! :) I'm ready for Carter to have some cousins to play with, but also not ready for a sibling yet!

Faith said...

Those were pictures were adorable! And I have to agree with you - I don't think I'M ready for Stella to have a sibling! She's so much work as it is, I can't imagine throwing another into the mix right now!

The Roberts' said...

Yeah, I'm so much more nervous about the 1-to-2 transition than I was the none-to-1... eep!! I figure Elliot will have no choice but to learn to share!

Alisa said...

Cute pictures. I totally agree that the last picture is just sweet!