Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: a year to remember

This year was full of lots of first for our baby boy, lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of love and lots of memories.

We started off the year with a belated Christmas celebration with Matt's family because Matt's grandma was sick over Christmas.  Sadly, she passed away in February.  We spent a few days in Arkansas with all of Matt's family remembering the life of Matt's sweet Memaw.
Pearson started crawling.
We dedicated Pearson to the Lord at our church. 
Pearson celebrated his first Easter
We had family pictures taken in the Spring.
I celebrated my first Mother's Day and it was an unforgettable one!!
We had a big birthday bash for Nonnie's 80th birthday!

Pearson took his first steps 2 days before your 1st birthday and now he is running!!
Pearson turned ONE
We celebrated his birthday with a pirate party with all of our family.
Pearson got his 1st haircut
We spent LOTS of time at the pool this summer. 
 Matt celebrated his second Father's Day.
Pearson had some July 4th/One year old pictures made.
 We spent three weeks glued to the TV watching the Summer Olympics
 Pearson started a one day a week Mother's Day Out Program.
I celebrated my 28th birthday and Matt celebrated his 30th birthday!
 We celebrated 4 years of marriage!
Pearson and I took a trip to the fair with my Mom and Grandma!
 We had our annual family trip to the Pumpkin Patch
 We were Crayon's and a little golfer for Halloween.  And Pearson won his first costume contest!!
 Pearson had his first babysitter
We had fall family pictures made. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Matt's family. 
We watched Pearson change and grow all year long.
And we had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families. 
Hope 2012 was a great year for you!  

Happy New Year!!

top 10 of 2012

This was a whole lot easier last year when I only had  6 months of my baby boy to choose from.  I had a much harder time choosing ONLY 10 of my favorite pictures this year.

1.  Story Time with Pearson
2.  My Valentine
3.  Baby Boy in the Bluebonnets
4. Birthday Boy
5. Fun in the Sun

6. Sippin' on a Shake
7. 15 months old
8. Happy Fall Y'all
9. Little Golfer Boy
10. The Perfect Christmas Tree

resolutions recap

Here were my resolutions from last year.  Let's see how I did......

1. Read the Entire Bible!!
**Eeek, this is the one I never can do.  I'm not going to lie.  I suck at reading the Bible.  Actually I suck at reading in general.  It's just not my thing.  I can't sit still long enough to get into a book therefore it's really hard for me to read my Bible consistently.  I really need to do better this year.  

2.  Run a 5K
**I didn't actually run a 5K this year, but I did complete the Couch to 5K program this year.  And I'm all signed up for the Color Run in April.  So I think that counts!!

3.  Project Life (or atleast my own version of it)
**I'm not totally finished with this yet.  I have all my pictures printed and in the book through November.  I need to go back and journal Sept-Nov and complete all of December.  It might not be done now for the end of the year but I WILL finish it!!  However, I won't be doing the paper version of Project Life next year.  I'm thinking about giving the digital version a try. 

4.  Organize
**I definitely did lots of organizing this year. I cleaned out just about every drawer and closet in our house and had a "virtual garage sale" making about $400!! Although, I'm kind of ready to go through the house again and simplify even more.  We just have so much stuff. 

5.  Wake up before Pearson
**I did really go with this one this year.  It helps that Pearson doesn't wake up until 7:30 or 8, so getting up before him doesn't really have to be that early.  I usually wake up around 6:30 to fix Matt's lunch then I stay up and get things done or get ready before Pearson wakes up

6.  Set 30 minutes a day aside to read (atleast 5 days a week)
**Matt and I actually did really good with this one in January, but then we totally fell of the wagon.  I knew this one would be hard for me since I don't even really like reading.  

7.  Read a book a day to Pearson
**This was definitely the easiest of all of my resolutions.  Pearson LOVES books so we love to read together.  At the beginning of the year I definitely had a harder time getting him to pay attention but now he loves reading books with me and even by himself.  We love going to the library and picking out books together!!

8.  Get back into couponing
**I did get back into coupon at CVS at the end of this year but getting back into grocery shopping couponing just didn't happen.  I started shopping more at Aldi (which doesn't take coupons) and now that Kroger doesn't triple and double coupons it's just a lot of work for such a little amount off.  Couponing with a toddler around just isn't all that easy!!

9.  Utilize Pinterest
**I definitely utilized Pinterest alot this year. Lots of new recipes, crafts, and ideas were completed. I even made a little blog series "Pinned There, Done That" for all of my fun Pinterest finds.  

10.  Be a better wife, mother, daughter, & friend. 
**I guess I can't really be the judge of this one.  You'd have to ask my husband, my son, my parents, and my friends what they think.  But if I were the judge, I think I could have been a better job.  Like I said last year when I wrote this resolution, I can be so selfish sometimes.  I really need to work on putting others before myself.  

So........overall, I didn't do so well on my resolutions.  Maybe this will be my last year to make them.  We'll see.  I'll decide tomorrow!!

iPhone rewind {december}

I got back on the Instagram Bandwagon this month so I have lots of iPhone pics to share.  Sorry if you follow me on Instagram and you have already seen these!!

My little boy who loves to use everything to climb.
 Story time with Daddy before bed.
 Pearson made a little collection of all the things he is not supposed to have.
(my point and shoot camera, the nail clippers, the remote, a USB drive, and a bobby pin)
 Helping himself to a snack.
 Building puzzle in a box. 
 Traffic jam in the bathroom. 
 Walked away for a second and this kid was on the coffe table. 
 Pearson was sick one day so we had to stay home from church.  I hate it when he is sick. 
 Loved my new houndstooth ribbon on my tree. 
 Modeling a babydoll in my K'Link for a craft show at my church.
 Pearson LOVES to eat with a fork.
Pearson wanted to sit in Aunt Ashley's lap at Storytime and Oliva was not very happy about it.  
 Hanging out on the floor reading a book and eating a snack at the doctor's office. 
 I love how he still sleeps with his little bum in the air. 
 Mesmerized with this light up Christmas tree toy at Kirkland's.  It kept him busy for a good 45 minutes while Mom and I shopped!!
 Sliding at the park down the street from our house. 
 He's a little climber.  
Love this boy!!
 Holding Mommy's hand on the way home from the park. 
 Blurry but so sweet of my baby boy!
 Wrestling with Daddy before bed. 
 Returning our library books. 
 The only kind of deer I'll see in the road in our neighborhood. 
 Pulling all of his clothes out of his drawers. 
 And making a little couch with them to read. 
Ouch! I ran into my our trunk in front of our bed and broke my toe. 
 Seriously, why does he have to climb. 
 Chili and cornbread is the perfect meal for a cold night. 
 I thought we were having a little preview of the terrible 2's but then I realized that he was getting one of his canines so that kind of explained his mood and behavior. 
 It's such a sad day when I have to take down our Christmas tree. Our house always looks so bare without it. 
 How do we have this many toys in 18 months. Crazy.  And this isn't even all of them.  
Packing up all of his baby toys and all he wants to do is play with them.  
 Using his milk as a bench for one of his OLD toys. 
 Kid in a Box.
 Giving his milk a right in his "Too Too"
Whew! I'm impressed if you made it to the bottom of this!!