Saturday, May 19, 2012

nonnie's 80th birthday

Today we celebrated Nonnie's 80th birthday.

Before I get to all the party stuff, I just have to thank my husband for all the help he was this weekend.  I caught a stomach bug on Thursday night, so he stayed home from work and took care of Pearson all day long on Friday.  I was finally feeling better this morning but I had to help out with the party so Matt chased Pearson around all morning then left the party early to take him home for a nap.  So thankful for my sweet husband!!
 Today was Nonnie's actual birthday so we had a great time celebrating it with all of our family. 
 Nonnie is the youngest of 10 kids.  She and my Great Aunt Eva are the only ones still living so the party was mainly all of Nonnie's nieces and nephews and their family, plus all of my Mom's immediate family. 
{Nonnie, Mom & Dad}
{Nonnie and her kiddos, Uncle Richard, Mom & Uncle Lawrence}
{Walter, Nonnie, Uncle Lawrence & Aunt Phyllis}
{Uncle Richard, Nonnie & Jo}
{Ryan, Ashley, Nonnie, Carson & Olivia}
{Drew & Nonnie}
My Uncle Lawrence smoked some delicious brisket and Mom and Nonnie did all the extras....roles baked beans, cole slaw, chips, potato salad, deviled eggs, veggies, & pickles. They really out did themselves. 
Everything was so delicious.
Pearson enjoyed his lunch with Matt & Pops in the high chair that me and my brothers grew up using at Nonnie's house when we were little!!
 Pearson always loves getting a chance to play with his sweet cousin, Olivia. 
 Sweet cousins!!
 My favorite part of the party was when Mom and I gave her the "Birthday Book" we had worked on all week. 
 We got all of her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to write down memories they had of Nonnie.
 We put them all in a snapfish book and added pictures from the last few years of all of the family. 
 She laughed so hard at some of the funny stories that we put in there.
She just loved reading all the sweet memories we all had of her.  
 Mom and I literally worked all day from about 9:30am 10pm one day getting the book put together on Snapfish. 
 It was so worth it to see Nonnie smile.  She said it was the best birthday present she could ever get. 
 We had such a good time watching Nonnie read through all of our wonderful memories.  It is a book that i know she will treasure.  
 And every party has to have a pooper.....
....that's why we invited my Daddy!!


Lolly said...

Yes, I, too, want to thank Matt. I sure had a lot to do Friday, so it would have been really hard to help you out with Pearson and get ready for the party. You know I would have if Matt couldn't have though. And I'm glad Matt was able to chase P and then take him home for his nap so you could stay and take all the photos. I'm so glad you were feeling better today.

Unknown said...

I am totally stealing your idea of the book for my mom or grandma. I love it!

The Fants said...

What a sweet sweet party for you Nonnie! Y'all did great with the book, too. Great idea! A treasure, for sure :)